B&P appointed sole UK distributor for Jeti Printers

In its quest to offer the most competitive wide-format ink-jet products for its customers, B&P Graphic Systems has announced it has been appointed by Gandinnovations as sole UK distributor for the Jeti family printers. Now established as one of the major manufacturers of solvent-based and UV-curable machines, this new agreement takes effect immediately.
The Gandinnovations Jeti series encompasses roll-fed and flat-bed machines, all of which are sensibly priced and incorporate industry respected Spectra print-head technology. The product line includes solvent-based and UV-curable printers suitable for printing direct to a broad range of flexible materials as well as a UV-curable flat-bed for rigid materials which has the option of white ink and clear varnish.
Offering a true resolution of 600 dpi, the Jeti 3324 is a 3.3 m solvent-based machine which outputs in six colours and is available with an option for back-lit production, allowing printing on both sides of the material whilst maintaining perfect registration. This machine also comes in a 300 dpi four-colour high speed version with speeds of up to 150 square m/hour.

Gandinnovations also offers a 5.1 m solvent-based system which comes in a choice of a true 600 dpi with six colours or, as a high speed unit ideal for billboards and scaffold wraps, it is available as a four-colour 300 dpi machine. Again, this has a back-lit option and all machines in this series feature an automatic head capping utility which eliminates manual head wiping as well as individual nozzle compensation to ensure image output is safe-guarded should any nozzle misfire.
For printing direct to rigid substrates, the Jeti 3150UV is a six-colour flat-bed machine which has the option of white ink and clear varnish. It outputs at a maximum resolution of 1200 and speeds of 40 square m/hour in best quality mode. An accessible vacuum table makes it easy for a single operator to use this printer which handles materials up to 3 x 1.52 m in size and 5 cm in thickness.
The latest addition to the Jeti range is its duo of UV-curable roll-to-roll wide-format machines which are available in 3.3 and 5.1 m widths respectively. The smaller Jeti 3324 UV RTR outputs at speeds of up to 40 square m/hour whilst the Jeti 5024 UV RTR has a maximum throughput rate of 45 square m/hour, both in best quality mode. They feature a true resolution of 1200 dpi and a six-colour ink-set, and include a take-up unit which is built in to enable the printers to be operated by a single user.
David Burton of B&P Graphic Systems is enthusiastic about the company’s appointment as sole UK distributor for Gandinnovations. “The addition of the Gandinnovations range to our product portfolio has been made to satisfy the growing numbers of print providers who want sensibly priced, well-made work-horse equipment which will provide them with quality results and a good return on investment.
“The Jeti series offers the excellent build strength and output standards the market needs, but a price which makes these machines ideal for companies of all sizes,” Burton continues. “We’ve never made it a secret that we not only supply wide-format equipment but are also users of the machines ourselves. This gives us the benefit of having thorough, practical knowledge about the systems we offer and we believe the Jeti printers fulfil the criteria required by our customers.”

The Gandinnovations Jeti wide-format machines enhance B&P Graphic Systems’s armoury of print solutions for the digital sector, which includes the hugely successful Uniform product range and Webtrack, its innovative Internet based management solution. All equipment is complemented by competitively priced inks and materials, as well as full maintenance and service facilities.

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