World’s Largest Free-standing Billboard

Making a BIG statement. An Imposing Structure to Behold.

San Antonio, TX (July 28, 2005) – MacGraphics Carranz International, Corp. based in Manila, Philippines has produced what they consider the largest free-standing billboard in the world, standing at 160 feet by 160 feet. Alvin Carranz, founder and president of MacGraphics Carranz, was recently informed his masterpiece is in the process of being verified as the largest billboard in the world. “Once you begin crossing the Guadalupe Bridge, it becomes an imposing structure to behold,” says Carranz.

Located in EDSA Guadalupe, Makati City, the billboard consists of 27 total pieces divided into three sections. A two inch gap between each section allows the structure to remain durable against wind resistance or other harsh weather conditions.

The entire billboard was printed on the Jeti 3300 from Gandinnovations which Carranz said performed to his standards. “With the Jeti 3300 it was not as difficult as you think it might be. The Gandinnovation’s Jeti performed well and all the pieces matched up easily and quickly.” Carranz admits the toughest part was making a single steel structure to mount the printed material. The “world’s largest billboard” reaches 275,000 potential clients daily, a rather conservative count considering the increasing volume of pedestrians and MRT commuters in the area.

Within its first two years of business, Gandinnovations has sold more than 200 machines. For more information on the Jeti® grand format printers,

  • Printer Specifications: Jeti® 3300 – 3.3 meter/10’ 9” wide
  • 6 colour 4 colour
  • dpi 600 dpi 300
  • Best Mode 484 sft/hr 345sft/hr
  • Production Mode 645 sft/hr 485 sft/hr
  • spectra heads 12 spectra heads 12

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