Jeti Printers + Spanish Grand Prix motorcycle race

Jeti Grand-Format Printers Make Their Mark at 2005 Spanish Grand Prix
One European Distributor Sees Even More Opportunity for Revolutionary Product

San Antonio, TX (December 2005) – When Eloi Ferreira watches the Formula One Spanish Grand Prix motorcycle race, he sees more than just a glamorous, fast-paced and exciting sport loved throughout Europe. He sees a major business opportunity.

It’s there on the track, in the miles of colourful, slick billboards and signs that dot the Andalucian track in Barcelona, Spain as advertisers eagerly try to catch the eyes of the 120,000-plus spectators – plus millions worldwide – who watch the event. These advertisers demand high-quality images. They need to produce them quickly, and they want them at low prices.

That’s why the 2005 Spanish Grand Prix offered a global spotlight for Ferreira and the company he partners with, Gandinnovations worldwide sales and service is based in San Antonio, Texas, and the Jeti printers are manufactured in Toronto, Canada. Gandinnovations has become a worldwide leader in the industry of grand-format printing less than three years after the introduction of the revolutionary Jeti printer.

With four models now on the market – including a flatbed printer that allows for easy access to large and heavy media for loading and unloading — Gandinnovations has sold more than 350 of its remarkable Jeti printers all over the world. In an industry where fewer than five companies on the planet produce similar printers, that is a stunning business accomplishment. Gandinnovations plans to begin sales of their new UV roll-to-roll 3-meter printer early in 2006. Ferreira is the CEO of New Solutions, the Spanish and Portuguese distributor of Jeti printers. His company was the first to distribute in Europe, with more than 50 Jeti printers now installed in the New Solutions service area.

Although the Jeti printers are relatively new to the market, many people recognize the Gandy name and their long-term innovation in this industry. Ferreira says customers have started to ask for it by name. “Gandinnovations is really revolutionizing the super-wide market for big signs with faster machines and lower cost of production.

It’s very important to the people I do business with,” Ferreira said. “My customers are looking first for quality and speed of production, and second for cost. And many of them want the ability to produce grand-format. They need the 3-meter or 5-meter grand-format printer for outdoor signs, car wraps and building wraps.” Ever wonder where those large Hollywood premier movie signs that drape the side of skyscrapers come from?

It’s printers like the Jeti that make them possible. In the sign industry, what Gandinnovations has done could be compared to the invention of the microchip. Co-founder James Gandy and his team of engineers have created solvent inkjet printers that can produce digital quality images at amazingly fast speeds, for much lower costs. For example, the Jeti 5000 is the fastest 5-meter printer on the market, capable of producing 6-colour 600 dpi images with crisp, clear graphics at the rate of more than 500 square feet per hour, and production graphics at more than 1,100 square feet per hour. Think of a full-color photo quality image plastered on the side of a large two-story house and you get the idea of the scope.

What makes Gandinnovations stand out? “The technology and the relationship that people have with the company and the customer service,” Ferreira says. “You can have the company founders on the phone on any moment, Hary or his brother James,” he said. “You don’t have to go through five layers of supervisors to get someone who can address an issue for you.”It’s this level of service that made it easy to sell two Jeti printers to Display World, a printer based in Alicante, Spain who used the special printers to produce many signs for the Spanish Grand Prix recently, including those for MovieStar, one of Spain’s biggest mobile phone brands. Now, Ferreira says, he wants to tackle a new industry to which he can market the Jeti for textile graphic printing. “We were at a show and were approached by a textile printer who wants to use the Jeti to print on leather, fabric, wood,” Ferreira said. “It was amazing because it opens our market. We have always focused on the advertising sign industry. Now we see there’s a huge, untapped opportunity.” All Jeti® models feature the latest Spectra S-series high performance print heads which print excellent 6 colour/600 dpi images. These unique features are essential, and are the direct attributes to the machines’ successful sales rate.

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