Bus Wrap for Rock n’ Roll Band Looking Good!

Bus Wrap for Rock n’ Roll Band Looking Good!
Produced and assembled in just two days
XM Radio Bus Wrap

San Antonio, TX (July 28, 2005) –Signs On The Go has completed an impressive vehicle wrap for the southern rock ‘n’ roll band Cowboy Mouth whose tour bus which will take the group on a six-month journey across the United States and Mexico. The bus wrap, completed using the Gandinnovations Jeti 3300 grand format printer, was produced and assembled in less than two days. Quite a feat considering the 12-foot tall tour bus was a difficult project to tackle. “We were very proud of ourselves upon completion of this project, it took a lot of thought and work to get the wrap to look just right,” says Gary Tucker, founder of Signs on the Go.

Once the tour bus design was drafted for Signs on the Go, it was printed on 48 inch 3M Controltac panels and adhered to the bus. “The Gandinnovations Jeti 3300 was the choice for Signs On The Go because of its speed, consistency and ability to work well with the 3M Controltac media,” Tucker says. “It took a while to conform the wrap to all the corrugations and vents on the bus but it came out perfect.”

The next project for Signs on the Go is an XM Radio bus wrap which will promote the satellite radio station throughout the country. The total XM radio wrap is scheduled to be completed in one day.

Innovation and Technology Gandinnovations is committed to research and development that will expand the use of digital printing technology. James Gandy, President of Gandinnovations, and his team of engineers focus the design of machines from the end user’s perspective. For example, we provide a media roll lifter to help the person managing the night shift. The Jeti® 3300 features 12 spectra high-performance print heads with piezoelectric jetting assembly. All Jeti® models feature the latest Spectra S-series high-performance print heads which print excellent 6 color/600 dpi images.

Printer Specifications: Jeti® 3300 – 3.3 meter/10’ 9” wide
6 color 4 color
dpi 600 dpi 300
Best Mode 484 sft/hr 345sft/hr
Production Mode 645 sft/hr 485 sft/hr
spectra heads 12 spectra heads 12

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