Meet the 3M IJ180mC Family – The Most Versatile Digital Print Wrap Series on the Market

As a leading supplier to the UK Sign and Graphic industry, with a comprehensive portfolio of vehicle wrap films, William Smith have found 3M IJ180mC Series to be a firm favourite amongst customers.

In terms of digital print wrap films, IJ180mC is one of the most well established on the current market. It’s been around a while and most wrappers are aware of the benefits that it boasts. However, the real standout feature of this series is the versatility that it offers.

Key benefits of the whole range include optimised initial tack, non-visible micro Comply™ adhesive, fine-tuned stability, easier liner release, and the ability to apply to flat to curved surfaces, rivets, and corrugations with up to 130% stretch. With the exception of IJ180mC-10UR (which offers a very respectable 8-year durability), the entire series offers 10-year durability.

IJ180mC-10 is particularly popular within the market, and with good reason. A cast, white wrapping film is a solid staple when it comes to digital printing. The high opacity means you can guarantee an excellent finish and is one of the go-to films when it comes to general vehicle, fleet, and boat wrapping.

IJ180mC-114 is a transparent wrapping film that allows you to combine different designs into a single graphic. It’s a film that truly multiplies your creative options, allowing you to produce subtle designs that allow the original vehicle colour to shine through. Customers have also found this version of the film ideal for logos and lettering that are too small to produce as cut graphics.

IJ180mC-120 is a metallic wrapping film designed to create an edgier look. This film can be used to create a highly desirable metallic effect on a printed graphic, leading to an eye-catching final product that no one will miss.

Both the clear and metallic films are ideal options for creating a standout effect on any vehicle and are fantastic options to consider when it comes to more creative designs.

IJ180mC-10UR offers all the same benefits of the white standard film, but with the additional feature of being ultra-removable. It is ideal for temporary wraps such as sponsorship branding in motorsports and shorter-term promotional campaigns, when fast, clean removal is essential.

The final two films in the series are designed for specific applications to challenging substrates. IJ180C-10LSE has been created for low surface energy substrates such as polypropylene and polyethylene plastics, commonly found on motocross bikes, ATVs, and caravans. IJ180-10SLS is ideal for stainless steel applications such as tankers, food trucks and any other vehicle with exposed stainless-steel surfaces that you would like to cover up.

All in all, there’s an option within this range for whatever you or your customers may desire. Whether it’s a certain design feature that you’d like to create, or a more difficult surface that’s causing you a headache, this ever-popular series has an answer for almost any need.

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