William Smith expand their wrap portfolio with Arlon’s new Premium Colour Change Film with Flite Technology®

William Smith are proud to be the UK’s leading distributor of vehicle wrap films and are pleased to announce the further expansion of their portfolio with the full range of Premium Colour Change (PCC).
This new conformable cast wrap film has been developed over the past three years, with ease of application and customer satisfaction at the forefront of design.

Premium Colour Change features Flite Technology®, ultra-gloss levels, innovative self-healing adhesive, an engineered liner with invisible air channels for bubble-free application, a protective film on gloss colours and is guaranteed to stay down in deep channels, curves, recesses and the most difficult shapes.

Arlon’s innovative Flite Technology®, already well received in their premium SLX and SLX+ digital-print range, uses a lite contact system that allows vinyl to float over a substrate without bonding until firm pressure is applied. This feature means it is cleanly removable and allows for unrivaled repositionability, providing a smooth and reliable application process every single time.

Furthermore, its specially engineered liner with invisible air channels allows for a fast, bubble-free application, that will guarantee an ultra-smooth finish.

The introduction of the brand-new self-healing adhesive is also certain to cause excitement within the market. The adhesive is innovatively designed to stay in motion for up to ten days after application, meaning it flows and fills any minor imperfections. This is especially effective in gloss films and helps to produce that highly desired, ultra-glossy, mirror effect.

“We have great confidence that our customers will love this product,” says Chris Bradley, Head of Marketing at William Smith. “Introducing a brand-new vehicle wrap film that uses Arlon’s Flite Technology® onto the market is certainly something we’re all very excited about.”

The new range features 20 essential colours for vehicle and fleet application in gloss, matt and satin finishes and will be launching more custom colours later in 2021. 

To protect the ultra-gloss finish, all gloss colours are manufactured with a recyclable, PET protective film which is designed to be removed prior to application.

Arlon Premium Colour Change is rated for ten years outdoor durability.

Available to order now from William Smith.
For further information, call 01833 690305
or email info@williamsmith.co.uk

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