Introducing VION VP4000 Series PVC-Free Digital Print Film

William Smith is thrilled to announce the introduction of VION VP4000 to our Digital
Print and Sustainable Portfolios. As the latest addition to our own brand, VION, VP4000
is a digital print film we are been particularly excited to finally share.
VP4000 is an intermediate-term PVC-free digital print film with 4-year durability,
suitable for applications on flat or slightly curved surfaces. In terms of durability, and as
the name suggests, VP4000 falls in between VP3000 and VP5000 within our portfolio,
offering a mid-term, environmentally friendly option for promotional graphics and
displays., with the added bonus of a greener edge.

The film is available in white and transparent variants with gloss or matt finishes. V-
Flow air release options are also available for bubble-free application.
This PVC-free polypropylene film provides a sustainable alternative for the eco-
conscious without compromising print quality.
VP4000 is compatible with both Latex and UV print systems.

The film has fire rating classification B-s1, d0 (standard: ISO 13501-1 / ISO 11925-2)
making the film an ideal choice for internal public spaces such as airports.s.
Along with VP4000, VION is also announcing the launch of a compatible PVC-free
overlaminate, VL4000. This polypropylene overlaminate has a clear, permanent,
pressure-sensitive adhesive and is available in gloss and matt finishes. It is
recommended for use with any print film in the VP4000 Series range.

Chris Bradley, Head of Marketing at William Smith said, “VP4000’s print quality is
genuinely superb. For years there’s been a slight stigma within the industry that
switching to PVC-free alternatives often meant two things: a reduction in print quality
and a higher cost. However, the sign and graphics industry is constantly evolving, and
manufacturers have found new and innovative ways to reduce costs and improve the
Chris Bradley continues, “In today’s market, the modern PVC-free films we see from
other major brands are a testament to this innovation. VP4000 is no different. We know
our customers are going to love it.”

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