Vehicle Wrap training course feedback from Rainbow Signs

John Simson @ Rainbow Graphics Ltd
Scunthorpe , England

On arrival at AdWraps based in Watford, We were warmly greeted by the head instructor, Damien.
Armed with our cups of tea, we were shown around the place and how things operated.
Over the next 3 days of the course, we soon learned that the course was very much “hands-on” Certainly not sat in a classroom watching demonstration video’s like we were expecting.
From the word go, we were being shown the correct way to apply vehicle wrap vinyl, from there to actually applying it to sections of the vehicle ourselves. Although not easy, we were enjoying it & always busying getting stuck in, so much so the time flew past!

picture of the Smart car we were taught on

The process Damien would use with us was to ask us to wrap a particularly difficult section of the smart car while he looked on. After he had watched us doing a damn good job of the wrap, (or so we thought) He would proceed to tell us where we had gone wrong, showing us the correct way! Which rather annoyingly took a fraction of the time we had taken… “Man is this guy fast!”
We found Damien to be very thorough, always explaining how and why things were done in the fashion he was showing, whilst answering any questions we cared to fire at him.

In my opinion, the smart car must be one of the worst cars to wrap because of all the deep recessed areas, exaggerated round wheel arches and more. With this in mind, you can imagine how we both felt when he asked us to put the previous 2 days experience into practice by wrapping both of the rear wheel arches and the rear bumper “all in one piece”, impossible we thought! But we did it… Slowly, but we did it.


On the last day we had to sit a written test to see if we had absorbed all the info that had been explained to us over the 3 days.

To sum up our 3 day wrapping course:

(1) You have the option of a 2 or 3 day course. But I am puzzled at how anyone can learn all this in only two days?

(2) We both have really benefited from going on this course. Not only did we learn allot, but the whole process was very enjoyable. I think the fact we had a very good instructor just added to it all…

(3) We couldn’t believe how quickly time passed, absorb as much as you can because it will be over before you know it.

(4) The amount of info, as well as experience that we managed to pick up over this short period was amazing.

(5) Would I recommend this course to other members of UKSB? I certainly would. It is definitely worth the money as it opens many more doors for us now & bound to help us gain future business that we could never have managed before.

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