Inspiration Point – UKSB Members Gallery 1

Work: Digital Print Vehicle Wrap
Submitted by: Alexio Ferrao
Company: Ferrao
Location: Bromley, Kent, England
Comments: We used an Avery Wrap vinyl which we were pretty impressed with. Since doing this van recently, we have had 4 similar requests from customers to wrap their vehicles.

Work: Airbrushed Arai Helmet
Submitted by : Brian Curtis
Company : Organic Image
Location: Downton, Salisbury, England

Work: mini-cooper
Submitted by: Richard Howes
Company: Signs express Lincoln
Location: Lincoln England
Comments: We used Ultramark 5700 series vinyl.
required a some heat, but it was hardly stretched. We have done a few mini roofs over the past 5 years (old and new shape) and never found the curve to be a problem for the vinyl.

Work: Rumours Hair Salon
Submitted by: Nigel Fraser
Company: Creative Sign & Design Ltd
Comments: The sign consists of Built-up stainless letters, white twiste’R Led’s from Applelec, Cream dibond panel and fitted into std euro-trim aluminium frame.
In comparison to neon, I found it allot easier to do.

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