Sign Maker designs & markets his own patented vinyl rack

Jon says:

“Having reached a point where I needed to organise my own workshop, I searched endlessly for ready made vinyl racks but found it a fruitless task. So I decided to design my own. There must be other sign makers in the same situation, I thought. I was fed up searching for rolls , or picking them up off the floor only to find damaged ends, or just searching through boxes that the rolls came in. All this takes time, and time is money at the end of the day. Once I decided on the design and style/size of the rack we set about making some prototypes. I wanted to make a racks that can be moved around easily, so decided to make it free standing, that way your’e not fixed just to using them in one place.”

“To start with i decided to market 610mm wide rolls racks, due to the fact most smaller signmakers that either work from home or smaller studio would have a smaller plotter so it was a good starting point, & naturally I registered my product with the patent office. What is probably unique about the racks is that there are NO screws; in fact there are only FOUR component parts, which makes it very easy to assemble ( within minutes) and as such, it comes flat packed. A very simple yet effective design allows each roll to be front loaded for ease of use and visibility. Just need to insert a piece of hardwood dowel (not supplied) through the roll onto the pegs and the task is then complete.”

“It’s that simple and is a vital edition to any sign studio. Having an efficient workshop saves time and money protecting the investment you made in your vinyl. No more damaged roll ends, no more endless boxes to sort through to try and locate the right vinyl.”

“Whether you stock 5, 10, 20 or even 50 metre rolls, it’s not a problem. Our racks are able to hold 8 x 50 metre rolls at 610mm wide, but why stop at vinyl? Our racks will hold banner rolls, application logs,bubble wrap etc. The overall product dimensions are 1525mm high x 762mm wide x 900mm depth and weighs approximately 12 kgs.”

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