Online Dryers for Wide Format Printers

Dry Output From Your Printing Machine? Grafityp UK Ltd is pleased to announce a new addition to their admirable product range, Online Dryers.

An excellent add-on for all printers to improve the drying time of printed medias. As printers become faster many customers have expressed concern over materials sticking if they print too fast and want to use their take-up facility. With the new range of online dryers this can be considerably improved.

The digitally controlled units use bottom up heating that is regarded by many as the best type because it dries the image from the inside out. With surface facing dryers you often dry the surface only and underneath remains wet. We now have dryers to suit ColorPainter, Rockhopper II, Mimaki and Roland including the SP300/ Cadet range. The dryers are easy to install with little down time on the printers. Many models are also fitted with motion sensors to activate the online dryer as soon as printing begins.

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