OTW Imaging invest in 3.3m wide liquid laminator

OTW adds liquid lamination to its range of services

Wide-format digital print specialist OTW Imaging has invested in a 3.3 metre wide liquid laminator from Landor Associates, based in Surrey.

The Norwich company uses solvent-based printers for durable output and opted to invest in lamination equipment to give additional protection and life to its prints, many of which are used in harsh exterior environments.
Designed to work with solvent-based output on materials such as vinyls and banners, OTW’s new laminator uses Clearstar liquid laminates which feature UV light absorbers and stabilisers. The coating bonds with the material being used yet offers good flexibility whilst protecting the print.
The laminates also feature ClearShield which not only protects against UV light and abrasion but provides good resistance to chemicals and water. The visual appearance of the ink is also enhanced, showing an increase in colour density, and signs, banners and vehicle graphics have a smooth, clean surface finish.

The two solvent-based printers in use at OTW Imaging are a NUR Fresco and a Uniform Grenadier. As the output from this latter printer is used increasingly for vehicle graphics along with other exterior applications, a liquid laminator was deemed to be the ideal partner to enable the company to offer its customers greater durability and longevity for their prints.

OTW’s Darren Marsh looked at the options available in the liquid laminator market but decided to go for the machine being offered by Landor Associates as it offered him the facilities and performance he needed yet was very attractively priced. The installation of the new machine was designed to fit in with OTW’s growth plans and a move to larger premises, and completes for now the range of services the company offers which includes UV-curable rigid and flexible output via its Durst Rho 205/16.
OTW Imaging was formed ten years ago and has grown steadily to become a leading supplier of wide-format digital print not only in East Anglia but nationwide. Careful investment in machines has always been based on current and future market demands and an astute awareness of the types of application likely to be required from the company’s trade and end-user clients.

“The liquid laminator completes what we need for the time being but OTW is continually looking ahead at new technologies and how we can incorporate them to produce the best quality output,” states Marsh. “Wide-format ink-jet production doesn’t stand still and, as applications become more demanding, we want to be in the position of being able to produce the best results possible at sensible prices, without compromise.”
OTW Imaging produces a diverse range of display applications on rigid and flexible materials for interior and exterior use, including banners and vehicle liveries plus point-of-sale, exhibition and general display graphics. Since its formation a decade ago, the company has trebled its production space and now operates from three adjacent units in Norwich.

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