DMA Signs design and create iconic signage for Britannia Park, London.

Britannia Park is a new public square with seating, space for community events, and a new entrance to Shoreditch Park. Our master plan for the whole project designed to incorporate a fascinating, yet forgotten, part of Hackney’s African Caribbean history.  We set about designing and creating an iconic sign, to form a centrepiece and focal point at the entrance of the park. As well as being built to a very specific design, the sign needed to be highly robust and durable, as the lettering was to be mounted at pedestrian level. The bracketry detail was created in close consultation with our structural engineers and decided upon a Corten Steel finish throughout. 

The Mayor of Hackney said: “This story is a testament to Hackney’s long, but often sadly now hidden, history of activism, creativity and working together for equality and anti-racism. By uncovering and celebrating the story of BRAFA, we’re demonstrating yet another valuable contribution from Hackney’s African and Caribbean communities. I look forward to opening the square in summer and hope to hear many more memories of this incredible and empowering event.” 

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