The Percy Express

The Brief:

Client Background: In October, Amy Coleman, Assistant Local Marketing Manager for Marks and Spencer, approached our team with an exciting and time-sensitive project. The client had recently acquired a train and envisioned rebranding it as the “Percy Express” to coincide with the grand opening of their new store at Lakeside Shopping Centre on November 15th.

The Challenge: PressOn was tasked with transforming the Lakeside passenger train to mirror the design of the client’s iconic ‘Percy Pig Express’ Tin. This ambitious project required both expertise and precision to ensure a seamless and impactful execution. The timeline was particularly challenging, with installation scheduled for just one night.

Client’s Expectations: The client sought PressOn’s expertise to recommend the best materials for the project and handle both production and installation. The primary goal was to create a visually stunning transformation that would serve as a dynamic and attention-grabbing prelude to the store’s grand opening.

PressOn’s Solution: After careful consideration, PressOn decided on Metamark UK Ltd Taxi Media with a gloss laminate for the printing material. This choice allowed the vinyl to conform to the unique shape of the train’s front while providing a high-end glossy finish for maximum visual impact. The gloss laminate was specifically chosen to enhance the overall aesthetic appeal.

To address the tight installation timeline, PressOn opted for a production strategy that involved designing elements as decals. This approach provided flexibility during the installation process, allowing for precise positioning. The flood red design elements were produced with additional bleed to accommodate any potential variations in measurements.

The Percy Pig characters, central to the branding, were crafted as printed vinyl, mounted onto 5mm black foamex, and meticulously cut to shape. This ensured that the characters maintained their vibrancy and detail while seamlessly integrating with the train’s exterior.

Execution: We leveraged our existing commitment to install escalator graphics at Lakeside on November 14th. This strategic decision allowed for the consolidation of resources, enabling a large crew to work efficiently and complete the Percy Express transformation in a single night, just ahead of the store launch.

Results: PressOn’s expertise, meticulous planning, and dedication to quality resulted in a visually stunning transformation of the Lakeside passenger train into the eye-catching Percy Express. The project not only met but exceeded the client’s expectations, serving as a powerful and memorable introduction to the brand for the Lakeside Shopping Centre community.

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