Liberty Signs creates Puma’s Pop-Up Shop at the Manchester Marathon

A late enquiry from a company they hadn’t worked with before led Manchester-based Liberty Signs to deliver a fantastic pop-up shop in Deansgate at the time of the Manchester Marathon. Working closely with Craft House Creations and Shadow Productions, the team coordinated and delivered all the printing, manufacturing and installation required to create a fully dressed shop for Puma to attract visitors during and after the event. 

Will Smith, Managing Director of Liberty Signs, explains, “The initial point of contact was a phone call to discuss a substantial project that required completion in time for the upcoming weekend. This project required printing, manufacturing and installation of a broad range of graphic applications, all to be handled by our team at Liberty Signs. As the discussions evolved, transitioning from phone calls to emails and then Teams meetings, we successfully secured the project.”

He continues, “The project required external and internal window graphics, floor graphics, wall coverings and other displays and features, including outdoor flags and a fully decorated treadmill. All in all, there were well over 100 items that needed installing, and we successfully delivered the entire pop-up shop in just a two-day timeframe.”

The Manchester Marathon was on October 15th, and Liberty was only able to access the site on the 12th and 13th. “Throughout the project, we worked closely with Shadow Productions, who were organising the whole event. They needed us to print and manufacture a range of printed vinyls, foamex and other materials and install it all within this time frame. Craft House Creations took care of all the timber elements that needed fitting on site for us to vinyl over.” 

Media to rely on

Delivering such a time-sensitive and high-profile project required Liberty to use media products it could absolutely rely upon. “The main criteria for the materials was that they had to cover existing surfaces with no show-through and had to be removable, as this was a relatively short-term event. People would be coming in and walking on the media, touching it and so on, so it had to look good, be robust and also be easy to remove without damage,” says Will.

Liberty used a selection of products from Innotech’s self-adhesive vinyl range.  This included the VistaMAX 3100GAE Greyback Air Escape Vinyl, which is specifically designed for short-term use. The greyback media is ideally suited for application over existing graphics where you don’t want show-through. This product also has an air escape feature, which makes quick application very easy.  

Will adds, “Projects like these are exactly why we like to work with Innotech. They have the right product for just about any job and we know they will always have them in stock and available to deliver in a very short timeframe. In this case, the greyback vinyl had all the features we needed to deliver a quick installation to a very high standard. On top of that, the print quality is always top-class. We just love working with Innotech.”

Great reviews

This was a new enquiry for Liberty Signs as they hadn’t worked with Shadow Productions or Craft House Creations before, but the feedback from them and the end client was extremely positive. Leigh Williamson from Shadow Productions, said, “It was a real pleasure to work with Liberty Signs on this project. The service was excellent and the overall project was very reasonably priced. This was a substantial project with a very tight timeframe and they went above and beyond all our expectations to make sure it was delivered on time and exactly as the client wanted.”

Will Smith concludes, “We love working on projects like this. High profile locations and intense deadlines allow us to showcase what we can do. Working with Innotech adds to our ability to deliver for clients because they have such a broad range of excellent products, with fast delivery and great value. The feedback from everyone involved in the project was really positive and this, in turn, could lead to longer-term relationships and more projects from these companies.”

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