Unique CNC Solutions from New Software Company

Specialising in the development of software solutions for CNC Engraving and Routing, Vectric is a new UK based company supplying software for high quality engraving, decorative sign making and wood carving. The company is headed by Brian Moran and Tony McKenzie, who between them have over 30 years combined experience in developing software solutions for CNC machining.

The Vectric team members have proven track records for developing world class CNC software solutions for the artistic and decorative market sectors. With close ties with most of the International CNC machine manufacturers and specialist tooling suppliers, they know exactly how to get the maximum return from investing in a CNC machine.

Commercial Director Tony McKenzie commented: “Many of the sign makers, engravers, and woodworkers we’ve worked with have unfortunately become disillusioned by expensive and hard to use software that often doesn’t deliver the required quality and precision. Our aim is radically different, and Vectric will supply software products that are precise, quick and easy to learn, self supporting and at affordable prices”.

In July Vectric launched a totally new product named VCarve Wizard, which is the world’s first routing and engraving software product to offer precise, high quality 3D V-Carving and 3D Engraving combined with high definition graphics at the affordable price point of under US$500. The VCarve Wizard software is designed to compliment standard design solutions such as Corel Draw, AutoCAD and Illustrator etc. that many customers use for their day-to-day design and layout work. Decorative projects or elements can be imported, toolpathed and ready to run on the machine in seconds. A key feature is the Job Preview mode that shows exactly what the finished part will look like after machining and finishing. This approach provides the opportunity to add significant value to both new and existing product ranges, differentiating businesses from their competitors and most importantly running their CNC equipment more profitably.

VCarve Wizard is built on a radically new ‘mathematical engine’, which is incredibly fast and tolerant of poor quality design data, such as loops and duplicate nodes etc. The software simplifies the task of programming 3D V-Carving Toolpaths to a couple of mouse clicks and eliminates the need for hours of manual editing, typically experienced by many engravers. The realistic, colour shaded job preview, really is what it says, showing on the screen exactly what you will get off the CNC machine. Images can be saved and used for customer approval, quotations, marketing brochures, web site content etc.

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