Trophy and Sign Centre in Wonderland with Drytac ReTac Textures for wallcovering project

Trophy and Sign Center used Drytac ReTac Textures wallcovering film to create a stunning wall mural based on the iconic children’s book ‘Alice in Wonderland’.

Founded in 1986, Trophy and Sign Center began life as a provider of trophies, signs, and plaques. The business has evolved over the years to expand into a range of other markets, and now offers everything from digital and screen printing to banners and wraps.

For its latest print-based job, Trophy and Sign Center was tasked with creating a large wall mural for a local salon. Themed on Alice in Wonderland, the mural covered two walls, with one part measuring 92” tall and 192” wide (approx. 234cm x 488cm), and the other 92” tall and 108” wide (approx. 234cm x 274cm.)

With the challenge of ensuring high-quality imagery on such a large print, Trophy and Sign Center went in search of a material that could meet such expectations. However, it was a chance meeting of its founder Eddie Hundley, regular vendor Lindenmeyr Munroe, and a Drytac specialist that eventually led the company to using ReTac Textures for the project.

“Our vendor happened to be in the neighbourhood with a salesperson from Drytac,” Eddie Hundley said. “We got to talking and next thing we know we’re printing on this awesome material. This was the first time we have ever used the vinyl; I would recommend it to anybody.”

Trophy and Sign Center selected the sand finish from the ReTac Textures range for the project. It used its HP Latex 365 printer to print the eye-catching design onto the film, with the completed piece drawing high praise from the customer.

“The customer loves the finished product and has praised us all over social media,” Eddie Hundley said. “We have used a ton of different vinyls for wall murals and hands down we would recommend this option to everybody to try.

“The print is awesome, the installation was great, and we liked the tack and being able to pull back when encountering any issues.”


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