Lea Marc scores a winner with Drytac with university wall mural project

Winnipeg-based professional print provider Lea Marc Inc recently used Drytac Polar Grip and Drytac ReTac Smooth 150 to create a series of striking wall murals for the athletics department of the University of Winnipeg.

The Canadian company has been working with the local university on a wide range of projects for more than 17 years. The latest project celebrated the success of the Winnipeg Wesmen sports teams, with wall graphics being produced to decorate surfaces inside the university.

Lea Marc Inc recently used Drytac Polar Grip and Drytac ReTac Smooth 150 to create a series of striking wall murals for the athletics department of the University of Winnipeg.

Having worked with Drytac materials for over five years, Lea Marc was already up to speed on the benefits of using these materials for both interior and exterior graphics. However, the challenge in this project was to account for the different surfaces that the murals would be applied to.

Working with the marketing department at the University of Winnipeg, the graphics were prepped and printed in-house using an HP Latex 360 before being applied to the walls in April of this year, covering what were previously dull and plain surfaces with eye-catching images of the university’s sports stars in action.

“The university was looking for images to cover brick and concrete walls that would include both inclusivity and newer images in high-traffic areas,” Lea Marc Principal Brian Matychuk said. “We were selected based on our ability to provide a finished product that would enhance the images.”

Staff at the athletics department were delighted with the end product, with Brian saying Lea Marc is now looking forward to working with the university and its Winnipeg Wesmen teams on future projects.

“Along with a friendly, caring attitude we continue to gain the trust of both existing and new customers,” Brian said. “We are continually trying to supply our base with innovative ideas and solutions.”


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