The FuturePrint Leaders Summit Will ‘Set the Agenda for the Future of Print’

FM Future, owners of FuturePrint, the platform and community dedicated to the future of print technology, announce the launch of the first in-person FuturePrint Leaders Summit which will take place 29-30 June in Geneva, Switzerland.

This two day in-person and virtual (hybrid) event follows the highly successful virtual FuturePrint Leaders Summit which ran in March 2021.

Frazer Chesterman, Co-Founder of FuturePrint, explains, “At a time where the market has been under huge stress, the community has been forced to adapt quickly to new conditions and provide technology and production answers to the new challenges that have confronted the market. These include supply chain crises, bottlenecks, localisation, net-zero targets and skills shortages. New technologies are needed to provide solutions to these challenges and digital print technology is perfectly positioned to provide the answers.”

Marcus Timson, Co-Founder of FuturePrint, continues, “We believe that now is a time for leadership. As the clouds begin to clear and the new market forms, the opportunity to grow is driven by consumer demand and structural change, and now is the time to create a new vision for the next generation of print. FuturePrint is excited to be providing that platform.” 

Graham Kennedy, Director of Industrial Print for Ricoh Europe, UK and Founding FuturePrint Partner supports this new event, commenting, “Over the past 22 months the industry has had to adapt to fast-changing demand and in key segments such as packaging, inkjet is now positioned far higher up in terms of strategic interest and adoption, due to its unique ability to add the necessary flexibility into production. While there are clearly some positive changes as a result of the pandemic, there remain considerable challenges that need to be addressed. The FuturePrint Leaders Summit offers us the perfect platform for inspiration as well as a practical forum to help set the agenda for the future.”

Keynote Speaker and Technology Innovator, Alon Bar-Shany, Israel concurs, “I am very pleased to be invited to be the Keynote address at the FuturePrint Leaders Summit, I am looking forward to the dialogue with Senior Print Leaders from around the world.”

Steve Wilson CEO, “Inca Digital are really pleased to be invited to present at this prestigious event. We are expanding rapidly with a number of innovations in our technology and this event gives us an opportunity to share our exciting vision for the future of digital print technology.”


Geneva is a location where decisions are made. It is the European home of the United Nations and the headquarters of more than 50 International Organisations and 350 NGOs as well as the World Trade Organization, the World Health Organisation and the World Economic Forum. Some 130 multinationals are headquartered in the Geneva region including: Nestle, Procter & Gamble, Rolex, Dupont, Davisco Food International and Alcoa International. Geneva is also situated in a thriving technology innovation region and is rich with startups and innovators. 

An established centre for Summits, Geneva benefits from the dramatic backdrop of the Jura mountains, with Mont Blanc visible in the distance with the waters of Lake Geneva in the foreground.

Claude Membrez, CEO, Geneva Palexpo, Switzerland, “We are very pleased to be able to host the FuturePrint Leaders Summit at Palexpo in Geneva. It is an honour to invite such a prestigious group of business leaders to our wonderful venue in June 2022. We have worked with Marcus and Frazer for many years and we know that they will deliver an inspiring and thought provoking event that will help shape the future of the print and packaging Industry. We are really looking forward to welcoming them, their team and the delegates who will join us.” 

Industry Leaders Support FuturePrint Leaders Summit

Simon Lewis, Vice-President of Marketing, Highcon, Israel, “After two of the most confusing years in recent history, it’s never been more important for the different parts of the value chain to get together in person, exchange ideas and foster on-going innovation. I can’t wait!”

Francois Martin, Bobst Group Marketing & Communication –  Product Line Narrow-Mid-Web Marketing Director, Switzerland, “We are pleased to be part of the FuturePrint Leaders Summit in Geneva. Shaping the future of the packaging industry will be achieved by innovating working together.”

Ken Stack, President, Proximus LLC, USA “The inkjet industry has had many challenges over the last 20+ months.  While it remains a transformational technology and will continue to grow, there are numerous factors that will provide stress going forward – including supply chain, changing business models and new entrants.  An event like the Summit is exactly what we need to focus on these global issues and to give business leaders the chance to come together, see the big picture and build relationships.  I am looking forward to the experience and to learn from my fellow colleagues about their unique perspectives and vision for our industry.” 

Mike Rottenborn, CEO Hybrid Software Group, Global “The FuturePrint Leaders’ Summit is one of the few places where industry leaders can immerse themselves in strategic discussions about the leading edge of inkjet technology. Hybrid Software Group has the full stack of technologies needed to implement inkjet manufacturing processes and the Summit brings together participants representing many industry sectors, giving depth to the discussions.”

Simon Daplyn, Marketing Manager, Sun Chemical, EMEA “In a time of dynamic growth for digital print across multiple industries, the FuturePrint Leader’s Summit provides a unique platform to hear from key business leaders from both technology providers and users of print to help understand the key needs and focus points that will drive the successful adoption of inkjet printing.”

David Radtke, Director of Marketing, Sihl, Germany “Sihl is one of the founding members of FuturePrint and plays a key part in the creation of content with presentations, articles, panel discussions, and also participating in the development group meetings. Innovation is a major ingredient for future success and at Sihl we will continue to bring new ideas and partnerships to the market which align with market trends and produce new value. We see the FuturePrint Leaders Summit in Geneva as a vital event that will help to provide insight and new impulses for the future.”

Andreas Skantze, Owner of Big Image, Sweden “I’m fired up! Let’s hope the attendees are on their toes and ask a lot of questions afterwards. I am really looking forward to delivering an amazing session – Creating Innovative ideas through Print – it’s going to be great!”

Kristi Duvall, Vice-President of Sales, The Boxmaker, USA,“I am pleased to be invited to speak at FuturePrint and Pack Leaders Summit in 2022.  I’m excited for the opportunity to discuss industry challenges with leaders from around the globe.” 

The Format

A 2-day event comprising day 1 plenary sessions, panels and fireside chat in an orthodox conference setting followed by the second morning of round tables in Villa Sarasin to tackle the key issues head-on in working groups of leaders.

The Venue

The event will take place in the Congress Centre of the Geneva Palexpo on 29 June and in the Villa Sarasin for the evening reception that day, and will host the programme in the morning of Day 2. 

Round Tables in Villa Sarasin 30 June

An effective summit tackles the key challenges and issues while providing a forum for discussion among leaders. Day 2 gives an opportunity for leaders to discuss the key issues in a roundtable format that will encourage new connections and facilitate change. 

These will include supply chain crisis, bottlenecks, localisation, net-zero targets, skills shortages, technology development and integration, the changing employee/employer relationship and more content to be defined by the FuturePrint Development Group. 

Hybrid Model

While invited delegates will enjoy the in-person event, networking and experience, the live event will also be streamed online in order to connect the content to our subscriber base which now numbers close to 20,000 people globally.

Who will attend the event?

Selected VIPs including Global CEOs, CTOs, CMOs, COOs, Directors, General Managers, Production Directors, Business Development Directors, Marketing Directors, Regional and Business Managers, and Business leaders will attend from across Europe, the US and Asia, plus an additional number of paid for delegate places who will be able to enjoy the high value content delivered at this unique industry event.


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