Décor – what’s next? Upcoming HP webinar to explore the future of creative print.

HP has announced a new webinar that will explore the many print opportunities presented by the creative interior décor market. The free-to-attend event, titled ‘HP décor – what’s next?’, takes place on 30th June 2021 at 10am GMT and will provide insight into the untapped print opportunities offered by the very latest trends in the world of décor.

As public spaces gradually open up, the HP webinar will focus on how print service providers (PSPs) can expand their capabilities and get set to explore the business opportunities presented by the thriving décor market and how HP technology can help PSPs access this creative and profitable work.

Hosted by Terry Raghunath, Business Development Manager for the Graphics Solutions Business at HP, the webinar will feature presentations from hugely experienced professionals in the interior décor sector and experts from HP, as well as demonstrations of creative décor print applications. The event will be wrapped up with an interactive Q&A session.

A highlight of the webinar will be the presentation by décor thought-leader, writer and influencer, Rachel Nunziata, on the evolution of the décor market and how this is driving demand for more printed products.

According to Rachel Nunziata: “The webinar will be a key source of information as we head into the post-pandemic era… I’ve curated some of the most pertinent information about décor trends, concepts, new print applications and how architects and designers will be designing years from now and beyond.

“The future is bright for all as we come together after the pandemic but especially for PSPs as I believe now is the time to showcase digital print technology through on-demand customisation, personalisation, democratisation of design, nearly limitless applications and more.

“With HP’s Latex and Stitch portfolio and breadth of print technology, almost any design application that can be thought of can be achieved. I would encourage all to join this fresh and exciting virtual event.”

To register for the webinar, please click here.

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