The first UK demonstrations of Latex Ink printers are here

Productive printing with the environment in mind, the début of the NEW HP Designjet L65500 Latex Ink Printer

HP Commercial Designjet Open House at ArtSystems gives first UK demonstration of the HP Designjet L65500

ArtSystems will be hosting a series of HP Commercial Designjet Open House days featuring the new HP Designjet L65500 commencing in January 2009. Each Open House event will give users the chance to see a comprehensive selection from the HP Commercial Designjet portfolio.

The HP Designjet L65500 is the first to use the revolutionary HP Latex Ink technology that aims to reduce the environmental impact of sign and display print without compromising quality.

Steve Hawker, Sales Director, ArtSystems
‘The concept of the Open House is to give print service providers an early chance to see the new L65500 and to get the best overview possible on the whole HP Commercial Designjet range.

Each Open House will focus on giving maximum time with the printers in action with not only the HP Designjet L65500, but also HP H45500 UV Hybrid, the HP Designjet 9000 and the HP Designjet 8000 Low Solvent printers all being present as part of the printing workshops.

Andrew Edwards, Sales Division Manager, ArtSystems
‘We want people to get the most out of these events and so will be keeping the PowerPoint to the minimum, the emphasis will be about finding how HP’s range can help move your business forward with innovative technology and creative applications, its about more than seeing a new printer, it’s about how to build productivity into your print business.’

The first HP Commercial Designjet Open House events start in second week in January and then continue on a monthly basis through to April. Each Open House event will take visitors through the full HP Commercial Designjet range with intensive demonstrations of real world print jobs.

Bruce van Greunen, Applications Specialist, ArtSystems
‘We’re looking forward to showing people not only what the HP range can do but to show how you can get the utmost in terms of productivity out of these printers, it will be very much a learning experience.’

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