Pharmacy sign collapses and lands on top of a female pedestrian.

A sign on Holburn Street, Aberdeen become detached from the building and plummeted to the ground landing on a woman below.
One eyewitness said: “I was driving up Holburn Street and on my right-hand side I just saw the whole thing collapse and there was a loud bang.
“As I glanced round out of the window I saw an arm hanging out from underneath it.
“I slammed on the brakes and as I ran across the road, I could hear her screaming. I lifted it off and somebody else came and lifted another piece off of her.
“Another guy appeared who was a nurse.”
The witness described a graphic scene, with the woman clearly injured.
He said: “It was pretty horrible to see.”

After leaving the woman in the care of the nurse, who made sure not to move her until paramedics arrived on the scene, the man and another witness tried to make the area safe.
It is understood the woman suffered leg injuries but police confirmed she was in a stable condition in hospital following the incident.

Concerned the sign would blow on to the road they broke it into pieces and moved it.

Police Scotland confirmed officers were sent to the scene of the incident on Holburn Street, close to its junction with Howburn Place. A report that signage had fallen from a building and struck a pedestrian.
“She has been taken to Aberdeen Royal Infirmary and her condition has been described as stable.
“Building control and the shop owners have been made aware of and are attending.”


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