NW “Flat Bed” Laminator


William Smith has been appointed as the UK distributor for the Rolls Roller Flatbed Laminator from Reklamidé AB of Sweden.

“We have been using one of these machines in-house and have been so impressed with the quality of results and cost-effectiveness that we wanted to make it available to others in the trade,” explains Marketing Manager Chris Bradley. “With the massive time savings, increased efficiency and reduced production costs that can be achieved, we believe it’s a ‘must have’ for any sign, graphics and print producer.”

The Rolls Roller Flatbed Laminator is simple to use and offers one of the easiest and most accurate methods of applying self-adhesive films or over-laminates to any substrate. The tables are designed for dry application and enable lamination without wrinkles or bubbles. It can be operated effectively by a single operator and represents a highly cost-efficient alternative to traditional laminating systems. Time savings of up to 50% can be achieved, dependent upon the type of application. It can be used for a wide range of applications, including flexible face signs and banners, full colour digital printing and other self-adhesive materials, as well as rigid panels, such as standard traffic signs.

The unique design of the machine incorporates an automatically adjustable roller height facility to accommodate different substrates, up to 70mm thickness. The variable pressure of the roller against the table means that the sign or graphic is firmly secured in position, thereby ensuring accurate application of vinyl to substrate.

The Rolls Flatbed Laminator is available in 4 different size models and is wheel mounted for easy mobility. The table is illuminated with fluorescent tubes that provide excellent back lighting to assist in the registration process and the illuminated glass table surface makes it ideal for working with multi-coloured or translucent graphics. Optional mobile extension tables are available to lengthen the work surface area so that extra large applications can be accommodated.

The machine is easy to install and requires only a standard power and air supply. An optional air compressor is available if required. Full training is can be provided at the time of installation to ensure that purchasers achieve the best results and maximise the potential of the machine.

Chris Green, Managing Director of Greens the Sign makers in Hull, where a Rolls Roller Flatbed Laminator has recently been installed, comments: “After seeing a demonstration of the machine at William Smith, we were impressed with its speed and efficiency, and the quality of the end result. The fact that it is a dry process is a particular advantage as it means that signs can be handled and utilised much more quickly after laminating. We’re very pleased with the machine.”

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