Floor Company uses Drytac Polar Grip to score a winner with high school sports graphics

Diversified flooring business The Ohio Floor Company recently used Drytac Polar Grip white polymeric self-adhesive vinyl to produce stunning sports-themed wall graphics for a nearby high school.

Specialising in hardwood gymnasium floors, The Ohio Flooring Company works with high schools, colleges and universities in the Ohio area and further afield across Southern Michigan, Western Pennsylvania, North West Virginia, and Eastern Indiana. However, the company has expanded outside of this initial remit to offer a wider range of services to customers.

Among this offering is wall graphics, which complements its core hardwood floor service and allows clients to add further color and life to sports environments inside education settings.

This was very much the case with Dalton High School, which has been working with The Ohio Floor Company for more than 20 years on gym floor projects. When the school learnt of the company’s ability to also provide wall graphics, it approached The Ohio Floor Company team about creating a display for its boys’ locker room.

The school requested graphics featuring a giant version of one of its football helmets, as well as wording showing which years the school had competed in the regional semi-finals and regional finals.

As the project focused on the large image of the helmet, measuring 5.5ft x 8ft (1.68m x 2.44m), and required a high-quality, high-impact finish, The Ohio Floor Company chose to work with Drytac Polar Grip. A long-term user of Drytac materials, the company was confident of both the quality and reliability of Drytac films.

The Ohio Floor Company combined Drytac Polar Grip gloss with Interlam Pro Gloss pressure sensitive overlaminating film, printing the graphics and wording in house with its Roland TrueVIS VG-640 printer/cutter. Both Drytac products were purchased from Hasco Graphics, an approved Drytac distributor based close by in Bedford Heights, Ohio. The graphics were installed in June 2023.

“These products were used because we have had a lot of success with Polar Grip film and the way it adheres to the wall when heated,” Larry Wade, Head of Marketing at The Ohio Floor Company said. “It makes the vinyl graphic look exactly like paint. We chose the laminate because it is what was recommended as a paired solution from our Hasco Graphics partners.

“Dalton High School was extremely happy with the way the graphic turned out in their locker room. So much so that they also got us to put window vinyl in two different areas of the school, while we also did some window graphics at their middle school. 

“A repeat customer is a happy customer, so the fact that we did so many more areas for the school must mean they are very happy with The Ohio Floor Company and the Drytac products we are using.”


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