HP analyses why the print industry needs a sustainable edge. +Free Download

Social responsibility is a hot topic for businesses in all industries, but this is particularly true for the print industry. One recent study from HP and C Space found 85% of print businesses that operate latex large-format printers are demanding sustainable products and practices.

Companies of all sizes need to respond quickly, and the important thing is to see it as both a socially responsible endeavour and an economic opportunity. One that can enable print businesses to lower their costs, streamline services through more efficient, circular processes, and win new business by delivering sustainable services to even the most eco-conscious customers.

In a new, free-to-download article, HP explains the effective steps that print service providers can follow to become more sustainable.

Taking a more eco-conscious approach to operations will help print businesses address wider trends across other industries, with big brands investing in and using more sustainable materials. HP’s article sets out how printers can follow suit by opting for media which will help them win valuable work.

By embracing more sustainable practices, businesses can make significant cost savings in terms of energy consumption. The adoption of environmentally friendly practices can also be a competitive differentiator that sets a business apart.

Sustainable operations can also create a safer working environment for staff. For example, solvents and UV can irritate the skin, whereas water-based products are much safer to work with, helping to reduce the risk of employees developing health problems.

There are many other changes that print service providers can adopt to make improvements to their eco-credentials. To learn more, please click here

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