Glasgow-based Cora Graphics diversifies into new markets.

Glasgow-based print and sign-making business Cora Graphics has revealed how its investment in a new Ricoh Pro L5160e latex large-format printer in April 2021 has allowed it to expand into a number of profitable new markets.

Cora Graphics only opened its doors in December 2020, but, thanks to its purchase of the Ricoh machine, enjoyed an incredibly successful first year that saw it expand outside of its initial focus areas and into new sectors.

Cora Graphics first focused on engraving work, but with the Ricoh Pro L5160e having started running just four months after the company launched, it has now established itself as a provider of a range of printing and related services.

From exhibition graphics and site safety signage, through to floor graphics, the Ricoh Pro L5160e has been hard at work in recent months, playing a key role in early growth at Cora Graphics.

“The main reason we went with Ricoh was having prior knowledge and familiarity of Ricoh printers and products from our previous job,” Cora Graphics Director Declan McNeil said. “We felt continuity was important as starting a new business had so many challenges already that we thought we could reduce the stress of that one area by choosing something we knew.

“The variety and volume of work the printer can get through and the speed in which it prints allows us to take on many projects at one time without having to compromise on the quality of the end product.

“This means we can keep customers happy and meet any deadlines we are faced with which will hopefully lead to more opportunities as people pass our information on to others.”

One market that has proved particularly successful for Cora Graphics is vehicle wrapping, with the company having taken on a number of interesting and creative van wrap jobs, all of which have been printed on the Ricoh Pro L5160e.

“The Ricoh printer has allowed us to take on van wrapping projects as the latex ink, combined with the media and laminate, creates a high-quality solution that is quicker and easier to apply than graphics created on solvent ink and UV printers,” Declan McNeil said.

“It has been a good purchase and we are happy with the machine.”

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