Beepag delivers top-level creativity and productivity with duo of Ricoh Pro T7210 Flatbed Printers

Italian printing and graphics company Beepag has paid tribute to the purchase of a second Ricoh Pro T7210 UV Flatbed Printer in April this year which has helped the business enter new markets and offer an expanded service to customers.

Beepag took delivery of its first Ricoh Pro T7210 UV Flatbed Printer in May 2018, becoming the first company in Italy to invest in the machine. The aim of this purchase was to help the business expand beyond its traditional roll-to-roll work and into projects involving rigid media.

In the years following the investment, Beepag enjoyed great success, with the device playing a major role in its growth and expansion. The Ricoh Pro T7210 UV Flatbed Printer’s ability to print onto rigid media such as wood, aluminium, glass, plexiglass and cardboard opened up a whole range of markets including interior décor and exhibition work.

The company’s growth was also further supported by an e-commerce platform which enabled it to expand its services throughout Italy and beyond.

However, as Beepag founder Matteo Pinzaut explained, the company has never been one to rest on its laurels and recently invested in a second Ricoh Pro T7210 UV Flatbed Printer as it seeks to build on the success of the first purchase and further grow its business.

Matteo Pinzaut said since the second Ricoh Pro T7210 UV Flatbed Printer was installed in April 2021, it has helped to support business growth and significantly boosted delivery speeds, while also enabling Beepag to create high-value applications and enter new markets, including fashion and luxury.

“The first Ricoh Pro T7210 continues to be used for sign and display and visual communication applications, whereas we use the new system for special jobs, including – for example – transparent and white, or screen painting requiring polishing,” Matteo Pinzaut said.

“Thanks to these capabilities, we have begun reaching out to the fashion and luxury sectors, looking to innovate the way in which they interact with customers.”

Aside from its ability to print onto rigid substrates, the Ricoh Pro T7210 UV Flatbed Printer also offers a host of other benefits including high-speed printing of up to 100sq m/hr, high-quality printing on a print area measuring 3.2m x 2.1 m, and more environmentally friendly production thanks to Ricoh’s GREENGUARD Gold certified inks.

In addition to the two Ricoh Pro T7210 UV machines, Beepag relies on a Ricoh Pro L4100 latex printer for indoor and outdoor applications such as wallpapers, posters and signage, and a Ricoh Pro C7200X single sheet solution for industrial work.

Matteo Pinzaut said there is no doubt that Ricoh’s printing technology has played a significant role in the company’s success in recent years and will continue to do so as it seeks to enter more markets.

“We help customers bring their ideas to life, providing them with the finest printing technologies, combined with our experience and professionalism,” Matteo Pinzaut says.

“Thanks to the Ricoh solutions, we are an invaluable ally for companies who turn to us to set themselves apart from everyone else on the market and communicate their identity in the best possible way.”

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