Effective Imaging bolsters production and enhances eco credentials with a second HP Latex 335 Printer

Diversified print and sign-making business Effective Imaging has said its investment in a second HP Latex 335 Printer has helped speed up production and allowed it to move into a number of new markets, all while enhancing its environmental credentials.

Based in the seaside town of Great Yarmouth, Effective Imaging was founded six years ago by Jonathan Ling, a stalwart of the print industry with more than 30 years of market experience. The business has evolved into a multi-service print provider, offering everything from signage and vehicle livery to garment printing and engraving.

This diversified service offering has led to Effective Imaging working with a wide range of customers in a variety of sectors, which in turn has meant it has had to upgrade its equipment to meet increased demand.

Effective Imaging had initially been running a single HP Latex 335 Printer, purchased from approved HP reseller Granthams, alongside two solvent machines from another manufacturer. However, this set-up was not enough to keep up with the level of demand, which led to Effective Imaging returning to Granthams to purchase a second HP Latex 335 Printer.

Installed in November last year, such as been the impact of the second HP Latex 335 Printer that Effective Imaging has been able to phase out the two solvent machines, meaning it is now able to deliver high-quality and planet-friendly printed work to customers, courtesy of the Latex printer’s water-based inks.

Not only this but Managing Director Jonathan Ling said that the additional printing firepower has meant that the company has been able to move into new markets, singling out signage and marketing materials in the events sector as a key growth area.

“One area we have moved into is events, where signage and marketing materials can be overlooked and become last-minute collateral. Thanks to the HP Latex printers, we can work to tight deadlines and always deliver on time,” Jonathan said.

“The HP Latex printers have helped to speed up production. By eliminating the need to gas off before lamination we are able to turn around printed work much more efficiently. Also, having multiple machines means we can run multiple projects at any one time.”

Jonathan added that the use of water-based inks has opened up some markets in which there are strict rules on the use of hazardous chemicals. HP Latex printers run using water-based, non-harmful inks, and this has allowed Effective Imaging to capture niche work.

“We have particularly tried to push into work within education, care homes and the NHS,” Jonathan said. “As HP Latex inks are eco-friendly, we felt this was something to explore and promote locally.

“No matter which direction our business takes, we are confident that the HP Latex 335 Printers will support us as we grow and expand.

“By buying printers that tick all the boxes, we will always be able to meet the needs of our customers.”

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