Dior gives Harrods a Christmas makeover, with help from Presson.

This time of year never disappoints when it comes to print, with spectacular festive installations at some of the best-known retail locations across the country. It’s even become an annual event to see the unveiling of certain Christmas displays. This year Presson was lucky enough to help Harrods and Dior create the largest brand takeover at the store to date and our largest installation of the year!

The campaign is titled ‘The wonderful world of Dior’ and includes various exhibition and retail pop-ups around the store, a themed café, a huge glittering façade display and a takeover of the store’s iconic windows. With a theme of gingerbread biscuits and all things sweet, we produced prints for the window mullions, transoms, door surrounds and bottoms of the doors. The vinyl even had a white ‘sugar/glitter’ mix applied to the top of it to add some texture! Outstanding work from all involved, including MDM Props ltd and Sculptivate Ltd for their key roles in bringing this to life.

For further information visit: https://www.presson.co.uk

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