Del Boy and Jay Blades explore Manchester’s Neon Sign Workshop

Sir David Jason and Jay Blades MBE delved into the captivating world of neon sign manufacturing during a workshop visit in June. The experience provided them with a profound insight into the intricate artistry involved.

Embarking on a nationwide tour across the UK, Sir David and Jay actively engage with skilled crafters at each destination. Their journey involves offering assistance to some, expressing admiration for others, and acquiring new crafting skills along the way.

This compelling TV series meticulously captures their adventures. During a particularly memorable visit, the duo was mesmerized by the masterful artistry of neon glass bending at Neon Creations in Manchester. Be sure not to miss this episode, scheduled to air on Tuesday, January 23rd, at 6:30 pm.

For those interested in learning more about Neon Creations or exploring the training workshops they offer, please contact Catherine Spinks at

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