#BubbleThree Case Studies

Bubble Free flatbed applicator tables eliminate the danger of bubbles or creases when mounting and laminating a wide range of materials. It means a single operator can work quickly and efficiently on a fully welded frame, ensuring reliability and durability. Hear from our happy customers that have invested in BubbleFree applicators:

David Wadsworth, Cornerstone

After developing a strong working relationship with the Josero team, MD of Cornerstone, David Wadsworth decided to get in touch when it was time for the company to increase speed and accuracy of their production. David invested in the BubbleFree machine, which “is exactly what we need in the current marketplace, and especially when material prices are rising”, David explained. Alongside increasing efficiency, the Cornerstone team are thrilled that it “helps us to reduce a little bit of waste here and there as well”.

The Cornerstone team were grateful for the expertise and professionalism of Josero, mentioning “they were really knowledgeable, they worked until the job was done and ultimately gave our guys the training and demos that they needed”. As Cornerstone continues to grow, the team are already set on working with Josero to ensure all their machinery needs are catered for. David says: “We’ve got some fairly lofty plans in the coming years for what we’re doing over at Cornerstone. There’s a significant amount of kit that we’re wanting to get in there. Sarah’s a fountain of knowledge and B2B development is all about relationships, so I think Sarah and Josero are perfectly placed to give us the solutions.”

Justin Dennington, Plus Print

Plus Print were looking at streamlining and increasing its sign production. “We saw some really good reviews about Josero as a supplier, and with their help opted for a BubbleFree applicator,” explains Justin Dennington. “It was installed a week before we had large orders and the increase in speed has been great. We were using our roll laminator to mount vinyl to sign substrate, but the ease of lining everything up and the quickness of mounting on the BubbleFree table is fantastic.

He continues: “Our operator managed to fulfil all 48 ACM signs in a day, which we’d never have achieved before, as the signs edges are also wrapped rather than straight trimmed edges, which adds time. It was all plain sailing with Josero, from the initial quote to delivery and installation, we’d happily work with them again.”

Stefan Canale, Blue Gecko

Blue Gecko, a display and printing specialist based in Bristol, wanted to change up their current solvent printer and invest in a better work environment for the studio.

“We wanted to invest in a better work environment in the studio,” explains Stefan Canale, Operations Director, Blue Gecko. “Originally I was looking a Latex printers, but they didn’t appear to be a good fit for us. Then I decided that UV was probably a sounder direction to move in. Sarah at Josero was very accommodating to what I needed, and in the end I got exactly what I wanted. I had some pretty specific ideas about how I wanted the machines to fit in and Josero supported that, there was always someone to help with my questions and I never felt like I didn’t know what I was getting.”

Canale eventually settled on the BubbleFree applicator table and a Mimaki UCJV300 print and cut device. “When I was talking to Sarah she said she had a second-hand UCJV in the showroom, the stars aligned and everything fell into place! The machines have hit the ground running and it was all so smooth that we didn’t get any set back at all. It feels like we’ve had them the whole time, I can’t imagine why I didn’t get an applicator table sooner.” Would they work with Josero again? “Absolutely!”

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