Blog: Make a more sustainable impact with wall coverings

Though increasing in popularity at a rapid rate, when it comes to producing printed wallcovering applications, print service providers are faced with a wide range of challenges that they must overcome in order to deliver high-quality work to customers.

The primary challenge for many printers is ensuring they are working with the right media for the installation surface. In many cases, installers have to deal with several types of surfaces within a single project, such as a retail chain fit-out where the same designs are installed across multiple stores.

When combined with the fact that many end-users, brand owners, and government departments are now demanding more sustainable work from their print service provider, you have something of a wallcovering headache. That being the need for a high-quality finished product that will remain on the wall for the desired period and have a limited impact on the environment.

So, what sort of qualities should you be looking for in your media? After all, not all films are suited for surfaces like structured walls, concrete, chipboard, low surface energy plastics, or painted walls.

For certainty regarding the adhesion of wall films, Neschen recommends a shrink-free print film with a high-tack adhesive. Applying printed work to certain surfaces can be a rather tricky business, so it is critical you select a media that guarantees high levels of adhesion, even in challenging outdoor settings.

Swinging back around to one of the toughest challenges printers face in the modern market and the issue of the environment arises. Traditionally, materials widely regarded as being harmful to both the environment and human health have been used for wall coverings.

So, how can you ensure you are working with a media that is more environmentally friendly than the status quo? There are some key factors to keep an eye out for, such as products that are PVC-free, phthalate-free, solvent-free, and can be cleanly incinerated at end of life.

This also goes for the adhesive; often this can be a harmful substance, whereas we are now seeing more solutions coming to market with a water-based adhesive, offering users a much more eco-conscious alternative.

One option that ticks all these boxes is Neschen’s new PP wall-grip L-UV PVC-free version, which is billed as a more environmentally friendly alternative for wallcovering applications.

Distributed exclusively in the UK by ArtSystems, a specialist systems distributor and service provider, Neschen PP wall-grip L-UV uses a heavy coat weight, enhanced, high-tack, water-based adhesive. It is one of only a few PVC-free, self-adhesive wall graphics products available on the market. It is also suitable for use both indoors and outside and offers excellent adhesion to smooth and slightly rough interior walls, smooth and dry concrete, chipboard and other difficult low-energy surfaces like polypropylene containers.

Available in smooth and sand finishes, Neschen PP wall-grip L-UV is a fast-drying and tear-resistant film, which significantly reduces the risk of splitting during the application and removal processes.

All of these factors make Neschen PP wall-grip L-UV an ideal solution for all manner of wallcovering jobs including wall décor coverings, exhibition stands, and large-format display applications, and its incredible print quality opens up its use for eye-catching advertising and store designs.

Matt Manteit
International Sales Manager
Neschen Coating GmbH

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