A variety of Signage for Babcock

  • Babcock is an international aerospace, defence and security company who have a leading naval business, and provides services across the UK, France, Canada, Australasia and South Africa.
  • PFI Sign Plus are an approved signage supplier and installer for Babcock International. We have been providing their signage requirements for over 25 years. We provide a wide variety of signage for Babcock which includes corporate branded signage for their sites and signage for the many build projects they are awarded. Products include branded promotional items, printed literature, engraving, health and safety signs, shadow and organisation boards, and one of the most recent and very interesting projects, branding their specialised electric bike which is used as an environmentally friendly method of travelling around their extensive sites.

More recently, PFI Sign Plus were tasked with manufacturing and installing a variety of signage at their Rosyth site in Fife on the Firth of Forth, where work begins on a contract to build five Type 31 frigates for the UK Royal Navy. The branded lettering on the building was installed using a three-man team with a duration of 17 days to complete.

Signage types provided

  • Banners: Seven flags were produced to represent current and prospective clients at Rosyth. Each banner measured 8m in height and due to this size, had to be installed using specialist access equipment.
  • Plaques: Guests of the event were given plaques that were custom made to represent the HMS Venturer. As a tribute to the project, steel was taken from the ship itself to create these gifts. There were a limited number of 30 made, in which the steel was cut to the shape of the ship, polished and infilled, and then attached to a polished timber plinth
  • Building & Crane Lettering: The lettering and logo on the building and crane was made from contour cut self-adhesive vinyl and applied by a specialist team from Equinox Access Solutions. Application on the crane proved challenging due to the height, as well as with the main assembly hall. Specialist access equipment was used by the PFI Sign Plus installation team to assist in ensuring the material was installed accurately on the assembly hall, specifically a 35m scissor lift.
  • Mesh Banners: The mesh banners were installed with a view in mind to keep the surrounding areas of the site well presented and tidy. In order to do this, 8 banners were installed that covered a distance of almost 40m overall.
  • Totem: As a final feature to complete the aesthetics of the site, two totems measuring 3m tall were installed to welcome visitors.


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