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Siser Thermo Transfer materials from Grafityp UK

Quality and reliability, that’s what Grafityp customers say they want. Cheap inferior products are fine if you can use them, but if you start having problems, wasting bits here and there, product not performing as it should, customers rejecting work, then the small savings are quickly eroded.

That may lead you to think that our products are expensive, but in reality that is not the case. A quick phone call or brief e-mail is all it takes to find out; in some cases we have saved companies very large amounts of money on their purchases. “If we can we will, and very often we do”, said Sales Director Neil Stevenson. He went on to say, “Here at Grafityp UK we supply our customers with what we consider to be the best products available at the best prices possible”.

Siser have been manufacturing thermo transfer materials for textiles since 1970 and have always been known for their high quality products, manufactured to the highest standards and conforming to the latest industry requirements. Grafityp UK Ltd have been successfully selling Sisers products for over twenty years, so you could say we now know a bit about it.

The Siser range offered by Grafityp is comprehensive and includes materials for a whole host of various applications.

Standard Grafiflex is a thicker material and often described as the original flex product, Siser call this product VideoFlex. Grafiflex PU (VideoFlex PU) is a PVC free material for plotter cutting; it features a very thin layer whilst guaranteeing opacity and high covering ability. Grafiflex PU is the ideal material for multi-layering applications. Grafiflex PS (VideoFlex PS) is very similar to the PU film but also benefits from an adhesive backing to give a little stability and less movement of graphics during application. Custom colours can also be ordered in this product subject to the minimum quantity requirement. Grafiflex Extra is a cad cut range specially developed for application onto nylon and other so called “difficult” materials, an ideal choice for sportswear items. Grafiflex fashion is a range of plotter cut materials specially developed for the fashion industry and leisure; they include glitters and special effects and the popular Electric series – ideal for speciality designs with a difference.

Elasticut is a Cad-Cut® highly stretchable material for extremely thin decorations. Specially developed for elastic fabrics (Lycra®, Elastane®, etc), it is also very suitable for normal type fabrics (Cotton, Polyester). The stretchability of this material again makes it an ideal solution for use on sportswear garments.

Away from Cad Cut Grafityp also supply a comprehensive range of Cad Print and Cut materials for textiles under the Siser C-Print banner. Available in white, clear and glitter finishes for application on to a whole host of textile products. This range is perfect for people who use machines such as the excellent Roland VersaCAMM™ and SolJet™ series or Mimaki or Mutoh print and cut systems as well as thermal print machines like the Gerber edge or Fargo and Summa. All of the C-Print ranges are available in a choice of widths and thicknesses and offer excellent value for money.

Cad Cut and Cad Print and Cut materials are only part of what Grafityp offer for textile. There are also a whole host of other products and accessories like Flock, Teflon sheets, weeding tools, heat tape, heat presses both manual and automatic, cutting plotters in a variety of widths and transfer papers for inkjet and laser printers.

Grafityp also offer an extensive amount of other Siser garment products that are all available to special order. These include flex and flock material for screen printing, products designed especially for die cutting, Jet flock and Sublistop for use when sublimation printing, VideoFlex Perfor, which is PU flex but with either small circles or stars cut out all over the material.

People who visited the Printwear show would have also seen Grafityps latest innovative product: Evolution Cut and Evolution Print, these new products will be available imminently and there is no doubt at all that they will change the buying habits of many users of thermo textile films and vinyl’s. A quick call or e-mail is all it takes it find out how your company could benefit from joining R Evolution.


The Cube from Grafityp UK – UV got to see the difference.

Grafityp UK Ltd have further enhanced their offerings for companies sourcing UV printers.

“We all appreciate that the market for UV is without doubt growing fast. At Grafityp we set ourselves a goal to be able to offer our existing and potential new customers the best choice of machines possible that can deliver both quality print and build whilst still offering excellent value. It is with all this in mind that we are now delighted to be able to offer the Cube UV printer series from IP & I” said Sales Director Neil Stevenson. “What the Cube series will inspire in customers is the belief that you can actually get a lot more machine for your hard-earned money” continued Neil.

The Cube series of UV printers use the highly regarded Konica print head that allows a maximum resolution of 1440dpi. With 512 nozzles and a drop size of 14 picolitre, it offers excellent quality even when printing small text. It is available in a choice of head configurations including an option for printing white ink.
Two size models are available, a 1.6 metre wide machine and a 2.6 metre wide machine, both utilising the same high quality printing ability, and build quality.

Potential customers can view the Cube in a working environment, giving a real feel for the machines ability to easily handle all types of work, both roll to roll and flatbed.

The Cube 260 can print onto rigid substrates up to an amazing 95mm in thickness at speeds of up to 78 square metres per hour, and with its built in touch screen display and easy interface software it makes easy work of most jobs.

Supplied with a choice of in the box RIP software, it offers potential buyers the opportunity to purchase a high quality 2.6m wide UV printer at a price normally associated with much lesser brands.

The Cube high quality 1440dpi UV printer has without doubt turned up the heat in the expectation stakes.

The IP & I Cube series from Grafityp UK “Let Your Eyes Show You The Difference.”

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