SColors offers repair, decoration, and personalisation of bicycle frames.

From personal interest to business success

In recent years, the cycling industry has experienced remarkable growth, driving an increase in the popularity of bike customisation. Sergio Vergel Escribano, a talented artist, started customising objects like helmets and bikes for his friends as a hobby, which led him in 2008 to create SColors, a company that offers repair, decoration, and personalisation of bicycle frames. Starting as a hobby, his bike personalisation skills have gained him a strong reputation in Europe with over 11k Instagram followers.

In addition to private users and bike stores, SColors now serves major brands like Trek, Factor, Megamo, and Open.

SColors’ spacious workshop where they create custom bikes with precision.

Bikes in production at SColors’ workshop. Due to high demand, customers may wait several months for delivery.

Taking bike frame personalisation to the next level using digital tools

Sergio began his business with basic tools, but he decided to enhance the quality of his work by investing in a Roland DG’s GS-24 desktop cutter to make paint masks with greater precision. According to him, the GS-24 has proven to be the ideal investment for his business.

To enhance customisation, Sergio then bought a BN-20 desktop printer/cutter for water-slide decals and ultra-thin vinyl printing. With the BN-20, he gained the ability to print tiny letters impossible to paint with masks, as well as to digitize artwork, decorate bikes in any colour by using white ink, and stop outsourcing printing services.

SColors’ customisation work is made easier with their GS-24 cutter and BN-20 printer/cutter. Sergio is happy with the machines’ size and print quality.

Sergio designs with a tablet and digitizes his artwork for printing with the BN-20, allowing for flexible printing and modifications.

SColors employs Roland DG Technology to produce stunning custom bikes

SColors has created two special custom bikes for Roland DG. During Roland’s visit to his premises, they had the opportunity to see the recently completed second bike and matching helmet which will be showcased in Roland DG showrooms across Europe.

This special bike represents the complete range of personalisation options achievable with Roland DG technology.

Intricate areas that are difficult to apply with decals are spray-painted using a mask cut with the GS-24.

The letters at the front were contour-cut from stickers, while the multi-coloured graphics were produced using inkjet-printed and thin-cut water decals, which are ideal for decorating curved surfaces.

Sergio showed Roland part of his bike personalisation process.

Printed & cut water-slide decals are first soaked in water.

Then you slide the decals off the paper and apply them to the bike frame. Water-slide decals are very thin and ideal for decorating curved surfaces.

Enhancing durability with a clear coat after applying decals or paint.
Sergio’s passion and artistic vision turned SColors into an industry influencer for bike customisation.

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