Reduce Frayed Edges When Cutting Soft Materials

When it comes to choosing the right type of cutter for your CNC project, the material dictates every time. While a cutter may work well with one type of material, it might not always be the best choice for others. In fact, there are cutters specifically designed for certain types of materials, designed to last longer and perform more effectively than general-purpose cutters.

The Oscillating Knife slices through softer materials cleanly without fraying the edges. Softer materials all present challenges for a traditional router or knife tools, but the ‘sawing action’ of the oscillating knife allows it to make cuts without compromising on quality. The thicker the material, the better suited an oscillating knife will be to cut it. Standard blades are available from 6mm (¼”) to 100mm (4”) as well as custom lengths, making them ideal for various foam applications and thicknesses. The Oscillating knife in conjunction with the AXYZ AVS Vision System delivers incredible value for any print to cut operation.

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