Nick Hollis will row solo across the Atlantic Ocean as part of the gruelling 721 Challenge to raise awareness of climate change.

HP is proud to sponsor Nick Hollis, linking him up with long-time HP technology user PressOn and the most environmentally certified technology HP Latex R2000 and HP Latex 3600 printers, to create graphics for an intense endurance challenge that will see him row solo across the Atlantic Ocean to raise awareness of climate change.

Nick worked at HP as both Sales and Business Manager between 2003 and 2012 before leaving the company to follow his passion for exploration and adventure. In 2013, Nick established Fitways Adventures, a specialist company that runs expeditions, adventures and team building events. By doing so, Nick has been able to fulfil his dreams of exploration, while at the same time campaigning to tackle climate change.

As part of this journey, Nick has embarked on the 721 Challenge, a gruelling test of endurance that features a series of extreme trials. Participants must scale the seven largest peaks in the world, ski to both the North and South Poles, and row more than 3,000 miles across the Atlantic Ocean to complete the full challenge.

Nick began the challenge several years ago and now has just two stages left – reaching the North Pole and completing the Atlantic Challenge. The latter of these is next on his list, with Nick set to begin the crossing from the Canary Islands to Antigua this Christmas.

Championing sustainability with HP Latex

To publicise the sponsors, PressOn used HP Latex R2000 and HP Latex 3600 printers to produce specialist decals to cover the boat Nick will row in with the logos and names of the various supporters. The graphics were printed onto HEXIS THE190EUO vinyl and laminated with HEXIS PCI90G2. Importantly, PressOn will recover these materials for recycling after the challenge is complete to save them from landfill.

The choice of HP Latex technology and recyclable materials matches perfectly with Nick’s strong passion for the environment and the sustainable aims of the challenge. Both printers run HP Latex inks which are the most environmentally certified technology and contain no hazardous air pollutants or odours.

In addition, HP Latex ink cartridges are also carton-based and produced using 100% recycled cardboard, while all HP printers and supplies contain UL validated ocean bound plastic and recycled plastics, further reducing impact on the planet.

HP’s commitment to sustainability stretches beyond print and across its entire business, with the manufacturer having rolled out a series of focused initiatives in other areas to further enhance its environmental credentials. HP Chief Executive Officer Enrique Lores is himself a strong advocate of sustainability and has spoken openly about HP’s long-term commitment to protecting the planet.

Regarding sustainability, he has previously stated: “It’s not always been easy, and we don’t always get it right. No company does. But we are making steady progress, knowing that the long-term success of our business depends upon the wellbeing of the people and communities we serve.

“This mindset was instilled in the culture of HP by our founders and today, it has never been more important. Because when you think about the sheer scale of the challenges we face – from the growing threats of climate change to persistent inequality – it’s clear we have a lot more work ahead.”

Olivia Kelleher, HP Large Format Sustainability Lead, adds: “As Nick will be spending so long on the water, it’s important for him to work with suppliers and partners that keep up to date on the latest innovations and reduce the impact on the environment. Working with suppliers and manufacturers that have adopted closed loop systems to recycle waste materials back into the printing process is one way of doing so as it reduces waste and increases resource efficiency.”

The Atlantic Challenge

With the graphics having now been applied to the boat, aptly named Kraken, ready for the challenge, Nick is already testing out the boat as part of his training program.

“I’ll start the Atlantic crossing around 10th December, and I expect the row to take between 55 and 80 days. I’m rowing solo and plan to row for around 15 hours per day,” Nick said. “I’ll be consuming around 6,500 calories each day of the crossing, but I still expect to lose about 15kg.

“I’m attempting the 721 Challenge to support the international conservation charity World Land Trust, of which Sir David Attenborough is a patron. I’m also proud to be an ambassador for the organisation.

“I am absolutely delighted with the final outcome of the printed decals and cannot wait to take on the Atlantic Challenge!”

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