Mimaki Ink options from Colorific

Colorific blasts open ink options for owners of Mimaki JV3 printers

Created for Colorific by one of the world’s biggest ink manufacturers, Pro-J3 ink is the latest ‘best in class’ ink to be added to the Colorific product range.

This new lower-cost ink formula for Mimaki JV3 series printers is available now from rapidly expanding European ink brand, Colorific. Their Pro-J3 inks form part of the supplier’s ‘mix and match’ Pro brand, which denotes absolute matching to the colour and performance standards of original OEM counterparts.

Colm Garvey, European Sales Director for Colorific distributor IGS is upbeat about the benefits “We firmly believe that this is the best alternative ink solution available to the Mimaki JV3 user, Pro-J3 is fully mix and match, to the extent that it can even be used alongside Mimaki original inks. Matched for colour and chemistry, Pro-J3 is a fully compatible plug and play solution that requires no flushing or elaborate changeover, you simply plug it in and print”.

Key benefits include:

  • Absolute colour matching, for identical colour output using standard Mimaki profiles.
  • Mix and Match chemistry means that Pro-J3 ink can be used alongside Mimaki originals.
  • Plug and play adoption, simply plug the Pro-J3 cartridges as a replacement for Mimaki cartridges, and print.
  • Extensively field tested for performance and reliability.
  • Optional on-site Mimaki printer warranty provided in the UK by Tech8

All Pro-series inks are plug and play, giving users the option to run them alongside existing inks without the need to flush out the previous set. Current profiles and settings also require no modification, meaning that changeover can be effortless. Compatible with the Mimaki’s JV3 range, Pro-J3 inks are a blend of selected solvents and high-quality pigments, and claims to offer improved performance and reliability.

Prolonged field-testing of the series has revealed other advantages to the full solvent offering, including a claimed reduction in nozzle blockages and an extended life expectancy for the entire ink feed assembly. Users can also expect the benefits of enhanced scratch, abrasion and chemical resistance on their output. Partnering this confidence in the Pro-J3 and its other ranges, UK-based Colorific resellers are also able to offer competitive alternative on-site warranty coverage, provided by service provider Tech8, which aims to improve on currently-available OEM options.

“Before any of our inks are made publicly available a number of trials are performed across different machines, media and application types,” explains Colm Garvey “That’s why we are able to ensure full hardware and UV fade resistance warranties. This research and development process also means that we can pitch the optional Tech8 warranty to meet or even exceed OEM offerings in terms of speed of response and parts coverage – adding further essential value to both the reseller channel and the end-user”

The company, which also supplies an ecologically responsible Bio alternative for OEM inks, emphasises the clean jetting properties and lack of reprofiling when switching to Pro-J3. “We try to analyse the journey of the ink across every step, from production through to eventual application – so we know categorically that everything about the Pro-J3 ink, starting from installation and finishing up at outdoor durability, presents a cost-effective and easily implemented solution for users of the Mimaki JV3 series machines. The ability of our Pro-J3 ink to work alongside Mimaki originals means the conversion process is completely hassle-free, it really is a case of plugging in the Colorific cartridges and printing just as before.”

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