Keeping it under wraps with Minuteman Press Bath and Drytac SpotOn Clear

Full-service print provider Minuteman Press Bath recently used Drytac SpotOn Clear monomeric PVC film to add a privacy screen to glass windows and a door surrounding a meeting room for client AgencyUK.

Based in Bath, AgencyUK is an integrated brand communications agency that works with a range of clients on a host of campaigns, counting Chewits, Wiltshire Farm Foods and Chang among the well-known brands it has supported in recent years.

The client contacted Minuteman Press Bath seeking a solution that would increase privacy inside one of its meeting rooms, without impacting the overall brightness.

Having worked with Drytac products since 2018, Minuteman Press Bath offered AgencyUK a number of options before settling on Drytac SpotOn Clear matte – purchased through approved Drytac distributor Antalis – as the most cost-effective solution for the project.

“We’ve used Drytac SpotOn Clear matte as an alternative for frosting a couple of times in the past, but this was the first installation over a large surface area,” Minuteman Press Bath Operations Manager Kieran Blacknall said.

“The film is competitively priced and the ‘dot pattern’ adhesive means we can install quickly and at a fraction of the cost of a traditional etched or opal film. The removability of SpotOn is also reassuring for clients who might want to change or add to the glass in future.”

Due to the excellent frosting properties of Drytac SpotOn Clear, Minuteman Press Bath did not need to do any printing, and instead simply applied the film direct to the glass to achieve the required privacy effect without blocking light from outside the meeting room.

“The client was very happy,” Kieran said. “Adding privacy without darkening the meeting room is exactly what they were after. It couldn’t have gone any better.

“We’re always really impressed with the quality and performance of Drytac products, and we like the fact that they are manufactured in the UK.”

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