Justin Bieber’s latest wrapped car is a Fisker Karma in chrome!

On par with being different within the music industry, Justin Bieber charts his own path in terms of expensive cars in his collection. He bought his first Lamborghini Aventador when he turned 18. But soon he recognized exotic cars are a dime a dozen in his social circles, so customizing became a necessity.

He has an Audi R8 with a bizarre leopard print wrap job. He even has a Cadillac CTS V coupe that is tricked out to resemble a Batmobile. And if blacked-out body kits and tints on a Batman-style Cadillac weren’t enough, Bieber had to be sure to also own the matching motorbike, too.

One of the unique high-end vehicles in Justin Bieber’s garage of multi-million dollar cars is the Fisker Karma. This small automaker brand specializes in electric vehicle technology, matched with a completely unprecedented luxury car design.

Not entirely in production for the masses yet, Fisker Karma did produce a few vehicles whose owners include the environmentally-conscious Leonardo DiCaprio, and you guessed it, Justin Bieber. 

He got his $100,000 Fisker Karma as a birthday gift on the Ellen DeGeneres Show when he turned 18, according to Jalopnik. But having an uncommon luxury car isn’t good enough.

Bieber spent an estimated extra $10,000 and had his Fisker Karma wrapped entirely in chrome. It looks like a giant mirror, and one can only imagine what kind of glare other drivers might experience around it.

Source: cheatsheet.com

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