Innotech Launches a Range of Innovative New Pavement Signs

Innotech Digital has launched a brand new series of pavement signs to add to its range of durable, practical and innovative display products. The seven new display products allow printers and sign-makers to provide a greater range of flexible outdoor signage solutions that allow customised printable signage using Innotech media products. The additional systems add variety to the company’s Consul Premium Pavement Signs and Herald A-Frames, providing many more applications with their unique designs.

Kieran Dallow, Innotech Digital’s Marketing Manager, says, “Pavement signs provide a powerful and flexible means of displaying to consumers across a broad range of industries. They bring brand messaging and advertising outside for retailers, hospitality and service companies and allow them to add important visual communications to target potential customers. They can be moved to where they are most needed and can be used to inform of new products, special offers, directions or simply a ‘We are Here’ marketing message. Our new range of uniquely designed products allow print providers and sign-makers the opportunity to give their customers even more flexibility and innovation to their outdoor displays – whatever the weather!”

The new products from Innotech include:

The Consul Premium Black Outdoor Pavement Sign is a single- or double-sided display that is virtually indestructible for long lasting outdoor use through all kinds of weather. Graphics can be loaded quickly and easily into the dual snap frames, while anti-glare covers protect them from the weather. The black moulded plastic base can be filled with either sand or water and includes built-in wheels for easy transportation. Combined with the spring mounted display, this sign delivers superior performance even in windy conditions.

The Consul Giant Outdoor Pavement Sign offers similar display and wind resistance to the standard product above, but has a poster size of 40″ x 60″ and an overall height of 1960mm. This is ideal when you really need to grab attention, perhaps at an outdoor festival or large shopping area.

The Consul Extra Tall Outdoor Pavement Sign is just under 2m tall, making it a real  attention grabber, particularly on busy high streets and shopping centres. It can be filled with water or sand and can resist moderate winds.

The Rhythm Flexible Forecourt Sign has a clean, modern-looking design and a flexible base allowing for moderate wind. It has an innovative graphic cover that allows for quick and easy replacement of graphics. This product is ideal for busy retail environments or hospitality where the marketing message needs to be changed regularly.

The Messenger Plastic A-Frame is a hard-working twist on the traditional A-board for when you need something that can survive more rugged conditions. It delivers a compact, targeted presence coupled with heavy duty performance. Messenger’s innovative moulded plastic frame is virtually indestructible and can be filled with water for added stability, weighing a whopping 8kg when full, this is an ideal choice for unforgiving environments such as pavements, forecourts, garages and fuel stations. Messenger can be used single or double sided and uses a simple but effective system of moulded traps to secure a rigid graphic, making it easy to install or change your message. It folds flat for compact storage and features an integral handle for convenient transportation. Graphic size 327x576mm.

The Vanguard Outdoor Sign Holder is inspired by the traffic cone and can be used as such where additional signage is required. It features a 336mm x 387mm graphic zone, which is easy to assembly and can be filled with water or sand for additional weight. Its overall height is 1125mm.

The Outrider Mobile Outdoor A-Frame is a robust A-frame, which can be wheeled outside for when a shop is open and back in again at closing time. It’s clean modern design gives a strong statement to the discerning shopper and graphics can be replaced easily with its unique graphic cover system.

Kieran Dallow concludes, “As more and more retail, hospitality and other services are focusing on outside areas, we are delighted to bring this innovative range of products to market. We are always keen to give printers and sign-makers the best possible range of products to support their customers, particularly when it comes to creating eye-catching displays in a range of environments.”

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