Posted by Kevin.Beck on December 7, 2002 at 4:34 pm

    It`s always intresting to know what other companies charge for their services.

    Although the price of a certain product should be dictated by the service you provide, over heads etc, and it should never be dictated by what the bloke down the road charges. But it`s always nice to know that your playing in the same field.

    Sorry, if you`re just a vinyl only shop, as this topic might bore you, but I feel it is the growing trend to supply as many products a possible.
    Am I wrong?? Our core business is clothing, but because we can supply differant items, these sometimes keep us going when the clothing side is a bit slack.

    We provide the following services, I`ve put the amount charged by the side. What do others who provide a similar service charge?????????

    Screenprinting textiles.
    Screens @ £15 per colour. Trade @ £10.
    12 items printed with 1 single colour print, £2.50 + price of garment. Trade .60p each(minimum order applies.

    12 items with up to !0,000 stiches £3.50 + price of garment (4 head machine)
    Set up, price upon seeing design.

    Screen printed stickers
    Price upon colours and size. Approx size 100mm x 150 single colour on clear or coloured vinyl £60 per 100.

    Heat pressed designs on clothing.
    £9 for 1 colour on 1 side tee shirt.£4.50 if they bring their own garments. Slight reduction on larger numbers. Larger still numbers cheaper to go screen printing.

    Sublimation Mugs
    1 mug £9. 12 mugs £4.50 each (as a rough guide, mugs are the same price to buy as a cheap tee shirt, I just add £1 extra for the exta agro.)

    For a simple 2ft x 2ft, white foam alux. 1 colour job, just text £25 diy fit.
    16ft x 2ft, white foam alux, 1 colour text with a 2 simple 2 colour logo, screwed to the wall £150.

    Transit van, simple 1 colour text, on 1 of the rear panels, both sides and rear door. £75 fitted.

    all prices are + VAT

    I know the price of certain jobs depends up on numbers and the complexity of the job, but we all starter prices.

    Come on show us your prices.

    ps. Is it too early to wish every one “Merry Christmas” 😛

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  • Martin C

    December 8, 2002 at 11:10 pm

    You don’t seem too far out, possibly a little cheap, on some items?

    I try not to do too many individual Mugs but have locked myself into an arrangement with a local Photographic shop where every design is new. A bit of a pain with all the scanning but a great pre-cursor to world domination ………….I’ve got 4 new outlets offering my (printing!) services in the new year!

    As for prices for one-offs…..£15 for T’s.breast and back, £8 for Mugs. For quantities I just knock the spots off of everyone, make sure I get the business and burn a bit of midnight oil.

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