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  • service engineer question – Mimaki CJV printers

    Posted by Benjamin Hall on July 1, 2022 at 9:06 am

    I want to mention the companies in question but will not out of respect that I am not trying to bad mouth any companies but rather want to know what people think of what has happened.

    I phoned a company that sells inks and parts for Mimaki and offering servicing. The person I spoke to was a great sells person and had a lot of character and willingness to help. He said that if I send pictures of a test print and how much fluid comes out from a maintenance clean cycle, then he would be able to show the service engineers and determine if they can help fix my machine. (Mimaki CJV30). He called me back with a lot of certainty that they can fix my printer and not to worry that every thing would be made to be working and will be a simple fix. It was very reassuring and I was very happy.

    Service engineers was a different company to the one I called and I didn’t think about it too much.

    I had explained on the phone and by email that the CJV 30 wasn’t essential to fix as I had a much newer machine – CJV150 that was more important. And the CJV150 was what I needed working but if they could have a look at the older machine great.

    The service engineer, wanted to do the CJV30 first.. fine, he then replaced the pump, £100. 5 min job – no luck, so then replaced the capping station – £190. Due to the sales person on the phone who was almost guaranteeing me they would fix the issue, I said ok to the capping station. After a little bit of hokey pokey, I was then told it was the print head and even though the machine wasn’t working I had to pay for all the parts that are now no use to me. Ontop of that the call out charge is around £300 and then £75 per hour afterwards.

    He then went to fix my CJV150. He replaced a print head cable. Only for the next day – the printer had the same issue. He then came back to try replace the ‘encoder’ which fixed the issue until I turned the machine off and then tried printing again and the print error still showed up.

    I have added a picture where all the print colours are skewed a little and the service engineer is claiming that he wants to get a slider board and see if that fixes it as it could be a number of issues.

    Overall I had a £800 odd bill.

    <font face=”inherit”>I try to look at this as a learning curve, things don’t always go right first time. But even thought, I can’t help thinking it takes the piss, why couldn’t he test the print head first before making me have to pay for all these other parts? And does all this sound </font>reasonable and normal practice?

    Thanks for any help or advice.

    Still stuck with a CJV150 that isn’t working properly and a CJV30 that is pretty much a write off, that I think would have been better chucking away then being serviced.

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