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  • Colin Crow

    October 4, 2013 at 8:01 am

    Difficult to say but from the photos it looks WELL used!

    We had one of these for many years before upgrading to a pneumatic press and it performed well. I think you will find the base plate is probably OK its just the ptfe cover that has been destroyed. We had ours for 15 years+ and it never looked like that, which makes me wonder how its been treated. Our old one sits in our store as a back-up and looks like new by comparison.

    There is a bearing on the cam which applies the pressure when the handle is operated and if this isnt greased it does wear a bit making the operation "clunky". Otherwise nor much to go wrong other than the element of course.

    This looks a bit ropey to be honest but will probably give a more even heat distribution than some of the cheap chinese copies.


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