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    Logo_a rendering in graphic symbol or typographic symbol, or the name of a sponsor of an advertisement, with or without a trademark.

    Trademark_any name, symbol or visual identifier, or a combination of these elements used by a manufacturer to identify his products and to distinguish them from other products. Rights in a trademark accrue only by use of the trademark in commerce. A company gains rights in a trademark in proportion to the geographic boundary and duration of it use of such mark.

    Service Mark_a mark used by an organization offer a service. The rule and regulation are governed as in the trademark law.

    Trade Name_a trade name is simply the name of a product or business organization.

    Patent_Used to designate the rights granted by the federal government to the creator of a physical invention or industrial, technical process, or an ornamental design for an article of manufacture. A patent right earns the exclusive right to make, use or sale of the invention, process or design.

    Insignia, Seal or Emblem_a mark used by a nonprofit organization.

    Collective Mark_a mark used by a trade association, its central objective is in promoting a certain category of product rather than the product of a particular manufacturer.

    Certification Mark_a mark used by a testing company to indicate that a certain product is of a particular quality.


    Watermark_Pioneered by the eighth century Chinese, and further developed by the twelfth century Arabs, watermark was used extensively by the fifteen century German and Italian paper makers. Crane and Company, makers of currency papers and stationary since early nineteenth century, adopted the figure of a crane as a logo and it is still in use today.

    Printers’ Marks_The most popular of the early printer’s marks was the orb-and-cross, used in various forms until the mid sixteenth century. Fust and Schöffer’s unique insignia on Psalterium Latinum, published at Mainz in 1457 was the earliest printer’s mark used and was repetitiously used by some twenty other printers in 1470s. The modified logo is proudly adopted today by Abelard-Schuman Limited, New York.

    Coats of Arms_The love of medieval kings and rulers for pomp and pageantry ushered in an era of heraldry. It was popular among all aristocrats as well. Artists of the Dark Ages kept busy designing coats of arms and crests. Today the College of Arms decides which English families are entitled to display coats.

    Cattle Brands_Dated from the medieval custom of putting family marks on everything a family owned. The early arriving Spaniards first branded cattle on this continent.

    Hobo Marks_Hobos are our present day symbol and logo users who over the years have developed a special sign-on-fence signage as an aid to fellow transients.

    Graffiti_First in used by archaeologists to designate informal writings on tombs and ancient monuments. Today, urban youth gangs use graffiti as coded message, and to signal their territory. It has been applied to many acts of property defacement involving paint and other graphic media.

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  • Martin Pearson

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    Do you have a list of these Oreo or do you spend your time looking them up?

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    Deleted User
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    ive done this lovly job of producing signs to beautify this world fo over half of my life so i collected stuff that would help me I copyed wrote down and always looking up stuff becuase i new i would have my own shop one day so i got stuff in folders eveywher and they became good tools for me so im pasing them one to all my brothers and sister in the trade know hope this answer your question

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    June 29, 2002 at 8:15 pm


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