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  • How to designate an origin point on an HP printer

    Posted by Simon Worrall on October 17, 2023 at 11:12 pm


    Further to problems I was having with a large banner sticking on the platen and causing it to touch the roof of the heater and stuff up the print, I managed to fix it, but only just.

    I put masking tape all the way across the banner, and used a solvent available here in NZ called MIRACLE CLEAN to completely remove all traces of dried latex ink from the surface.

    I left the tape on and masked off a few inches each side, and ran a couple of inches of the banner through the printer again at that location, thus reprinting that strip only.
    HOWEVER: I had to guess exactly where the print would start, which proved to be trial and error as I couldnt find any way to show the printer where to start. The print ended up being a few millimeters out, which wasnt too much of a problem as it was very large and the letter at that location just looked a little fatter than it should have been, everything else lined up perfectly.

    So my question; Is there any way of designating exactly where a print is to start, or does this dumbass printer decide that for you?

    On the roland print/cut the print starts where the blade sits, so it was easier to fix a print on that machine. This HP seems to be just hit and miss for this issue. I rang the local HP techie, and he vaguely said it starts about “ten to fifteen millimeters beyond the pinch rollers” which proved to be incorrect as the printer fed itself backwards an inch or two before starting the print – ten or fifteen mm beyond the rollers.

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