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  • steve

    March 24, 2002 at 8:46 am

    THe depth of cut and quality of the cutter and blade and offset has a lot to do with it we use mainly matt vinyls which do weed and carry well the only problems we encounter are with emulsion painted vinyls- we do that to get all the corporate colours we need to match- we have to put a mist of spraymount onto the logo before it is carried we have not yet used Oracol like the idea of a UKSG overnight collective account a bit of a lever would be nice when they screw up

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  • Robert Lambie

    March 24, 2002 at 9:21 pm

    The 651 range is not a vinyl I use. All our vinyls are the 751 series.
    If I was to say anything about the weeding of small letters is that not only does the 751 vinyl weed very well, but lifts great also.
    I don?t know why the 651 is tricky to lift maybe moonbrat could help you there. 😆

    Have you tried turning the vinyl face down on the bench and rolling back the release paper rather than lifting with the backing tape. This is a great method, which i am sure you probably all use by now. If not try it!

  • Joe McNamara

    March 26, 2002 at 7:48 am

    I’ve just used some 651 recently – and had no probs with it. It did seem that the black is more difficult to weed though, or am I losing the plot. At the price, it’s great stuff and it has a nicer gloss finish than a lot of other 3-5 yr vinyls.
    Hope this shows I’m not a professional europoint knocker!

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