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    Posted by Mike Brown on September 22, 2002 at 2:57 pm

    Hi Gray!

    Two ways…

    1) Use the ‘Character map’ program that comes with windows (not signlab) – it’s normally found under ‘Accessories’ and/or ‘system tools’. It shows all the keystrokes associated with any selected font – just click once on any character and the keystrokes are shown in the lower right hand corner. Most of these symbol type characters require you to hold down the ‘ALT’ key while typing in a numerical code – try this… ALT(0169)…see what I mean!

    2) In Signlab, LEFT click on the text button on the left hand side menu (has a big ‘A’ on it). Out will fly the sub menu – RIGHT click once on the first of these (another big ‘A’) and the ‘Font Detective’ window will appear! Select the relevant font, click ‘SELECT’ and the window will dissappear leaving the entire character set for that font showing in the main screen. from here you can delete those items you don’t want and keep the rest…thanks to Peter at STAR SIGNS who’s the Signlab moderator on Beltons SignBoard for this tip – where I read it recently and was suitably tickled by this little known function….thanks Peter!

    hope that helps Gray.

    more soon

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