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  • Hugh Potter

    May 24, 2014 at 8:28 am

    there are plenty of places that can do it but they generally print patterns direct to textile and then have the patterns stitched into the garment.

    you can also print large format sub with the likes of the A0 epson or HP printers but you’ll need the 900×900 heat press in order to press a whole garment. then it’s hard due to lay a compete garment dead flat with no creases! I looked into it for making rugby shirts (something i’m involved in anyways) but it was a lot of investment vs a lot of businesses cutting their own throats as they fall over themselves for the kit printing market business.

    Finding a decent range of garments is also near impossible in the UK, polo & tee is about all. though I do sub to anything with a 70% or higher poly content. I did have some contact with a US firm who made loads of garments specifically for sub but the shipping was a bit prohibitive, big shame that the likes of ralawise don’t jump on it.


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