Famous Hull ‘rerd werks’ signs make a return to the city’s streets but not everyone is impressed

Hull-themed roadwork signs have made a return, with one spotted near Spire hospital in Anlaby – but it seems that not everyone finds them funny this time around.

The signs, used by civil engineering firm M.B. Roche, have become something of an urban legend around Hull, with the text poking fun at the local accent. The signs originally appeared on Stoneferry Road back in 2018, reading: “Err Nerr Rerd Werks”.

Then, in 2020, the firm revealed a new design on a sign preceding roadworks on Holderness Road that read: “Yer Jerking, Merr Rerd Werks.” The company previously said they hope the message makes sitting in traffic “a little less painful”.

Now 2023, the signs have made a return, with a new one appearing on Beverley Road between Hessle and Anlaby. Remarking on the new sign, one motorist from the Hull Traffic & Travel group said: “I had to smile tonight reading a doctored Road sign. “ Ooh Nerr, men at werk on rerd, “ just before Spire Hospital near A B Motors.”

Someone else struggled to see the funny side, however, responding: “The way that reads is as if we come from another solar system, I’ve never in my 65 years heard anyone speak the way that reads.”

In a nod to Hull’s dialect, the signs that read “Yer Jerking, Merr Rerd Werks” include a fake traffic symbol showing two people on a bicycle. The symbol suggests that ‘croggies’ are banned on the stretch of road where the roadworks are taking place, though we suspect that this is tongue in cheek.

When revealing the second design in 2020, M.B. Roche tweeted: “The big reveal …Hopefully it makes the road works on Holderness Road that little bit less painful knowing everyone on site is from Hull and all the money goes back into the local economy.”

Source: hulldailymail.co.uk

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